TEFW – Jason Meyers Spring 2010


As I was reading the list sheet for Jason Meyers’ spring 2010 show I noticed a of couple things.

  • He included suggested retail prices for all of his clothing.
  • He’s launching an online store on November 1, 2009.
  • How much taffeta was in this collection.


Taffeta is one of my most hated fabrics. It reminds me of bad formal dress from grade school. I hate the way it feels and it’s draping properties. It reminds me of Barbie honestly and you all know my relationship with her.


Jason’s collection was full of embellishments, some of which I didn’t see the value in. Too many ruffles of various sizes adorned clothing. I felt they distracted from the clothing and all I could remember were the ruffles. For example the first look has ruffles on both sides of the garment along with puff sleeves and a huge bow. Too many details which just lead to my confusion about the garment.  When things weren’t being over-embellished they were very body conscious, 80s influenced, minimal and short.


I did like the shorts and slim pants that used a wrinkle free linen like poly material. I would prefer real linen but I can appreciate the idea of a wrinkle free version. However, the pants and shorts were pretty tight so I can’t really see an opportunity for wrinkles to form. I didn’t like some of the shoulder detailing used but I thought the tucks in the purple bolero were an interesting detail.


I felt there was no theme running thought the collection to tie it all together. I thought Katharine Hepburn inspired the collection since the fashion show opened with a clip from one of her movies. If there was a connection, I didn’t see it in the clothing. I did see a couple of looks based off of current season Jil Sander. They were very distinct pieces when they came out in March. I thought this was an improvement on his Project Runway Canada venture which I saw last season. A move from taffeta would make me even more happy.

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.

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  1. I didn’t like Jason Meyers on Project Runway. He struck me as mean-spirited, sneaky, and quite willing to steal a skirt from another designer, without even asking or batting an eyelash.

    Looking at his 2010 offering, I’m appalled by how ugly and unwearable the clothes look. TAFFETA! I left that behind me when I was making my junior prom dress. Horrible fabric.

    Somehow, Jason wormed his way back onto Runway, but next to Jessica Biffi, never MIND standing beside the brilliant Sunny Fong (who needs only to get over his nerves to let that incredible talent fly high and free), I see a ‘designer’ of ho-hum ability (???) at best. Too bad, but if you look, there’s something on his face that unnerves me.

    Too bad, when the fabulous Austin Scarlett allowed himself to lose out on Fashion Week in the States because he happened to be the team leader on one challange and as such, took full responsibility when it didn’t work. Thankfully, he seems to be doing wonderfully, without copying anyone. I wonder if I could see Jason doing anything but whine.

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