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TEFW – Joe Fresh Spring 2010


It was the battle of the lower priced lines on Wednesday at LG Fashion Week. I had already seen a wonderful collection from Attitude by Sears and it was Joe Fresh turn to showcase the Spring 2010 collection. This season, Joe had Keith Richards’ daughter Theodora opening and closing the show. I have to admit I didn’t know who she was until afterwards.


The colour palette was very boring to me. Lots of cream and white with yellow, blue and pink thrown in for a few looks. My pictures paid the price with this colour palette. The lighting wasn’t great if you weren’t in the front row and many of my pictures got washed out. I was screaming for something dramatic in the colour department but it never came.  The styling confused me.  Was the show a mix of underwear and outerwear? I saw bras over top of shirts and dresses that looked like shapewear, girls wearing underwear but no bottoms. Sheer shirts and jackets were a big part of his collection which I was expecting from some designers this season since it was so prevalent during fashion month.


Joe continued the horrible clog trend that Chanel started this season. I’m predicting to hit next summer hard, how awful. Most of the garments where your standard fare. Lots of separates for men and women and cute dresses.


I wasn’t a big fan of the circular applique details. I wish the shirts that incorporated this detail would use all over instead of leaving the back details free. Thankfully the jacket and skirts weren’t given the same treatment. The eyelet jacket just threw me for a loop, it seemed so out of place.



Despite a lot of the things I didn’t like there were a few pieces I really enjoyed. I liked a lot of the little white dresses especially the shirt dress versions. I enjoyed the cuffed shorts but not the bloomers. I even liked the high waisted bootie shorts in theory, I’m hoping they aren’t available for sale. I enjoyed the menswear more, it was preppy and sporty. They weren’t wearing clogs, I think that helped too.


I’m a little bias about Joe, I’ll admit it. I don’t shop there often as it’s out of my way to get to. Whenever I do, I’m disappointed in the selection as it’s never as fashion forward as it projects. I’ve never been happy with the quality, stuff falls apart or pills quickly. That being said, I’m always disappointed when I miss out on Joe gems like the white brogues from Spring 09.


Out of the battle of the lower priced lines Attitude by Sears won based on presentation for me. I enjoyed the silhouette of the clothing and the colour palette much more. In the quality battle, we’ll just have to wait until Joe Fresh and Attitude by Sears hit the store floors to choose a winner.