Ask a Geek: Where to find Shapewear in Toronto

Ask a Geek: Where to find Shapewear
Sometimes readers ask me questions. If they are of value to all my readers I post them online. If you have a question, please feel free to submit it using the contact form. I’ll definitely do my best to answer it.

I want – I got reader Sabina wrote:

Hi Anita,

I know you’re a huge fan of shapewear and I would love your advice. I’ve never purchased any before, but require some to wear under my wedding dress. it needs to target my tummy area and doesn’t have to extend that far down my legs (i.e., I’ve seen ‘bike short’ type shapewear and this is unnecessary for me). It has to be in nude.

Do you have any recommendations? What sort of price point do your recommendations come in at? Any brands to avoid?

Sounds like you are looking for the shapewear that looks like a strapless swimsuit. I’ve never tried one of those on so I can only make recommendations based on experience with the versions that have the leg option.

I have Nancy Ganz and Secret shapewear in my closet. They both offer medium support which makes them quite comfortable. These will smooth lines but not really reduce any size or do that much butt lifting.

I received a sample of Sculptz at fashion week. I got a pair of shorts. They were very, very tight and I could barely get out of them. It might have been the size, but I can’t imagine using this product for an extended period of time.

I have no experience with Spanx but I think it’s probably worth looking into.

The Secret shapewear I received from a PR company representing Secret but the Nancy Ganz I bought at the Bay. The Bay is a great place to check out shapewear. There are a lot of different brands and options in styles. Go to the Bloor and Yonge location or Queen Street for largest selection. Legs Beautiful is also a great place for shapewear, they have a lot of Spanx.

I’m not sure what type of dress you have but you’ll want to pay attention to finish on the edges of the garments, so that they don’t show through the dress.

I’ve tried the shapewear that extends to just under the breasts. I find this a bit uncomfortable if the rise on the shapewear is too long. It ends up bunching. Make sure to watch out for this. You can also get shapewear underwear that have an extended tummy panel. I was sent a pair that I love.

Find out what the exchange policy is. It would be great if you can try things on with the dress to make sure.

It tends to be a bit pricey but try to factor fit into how much you are willing to spend.

Good luck!

– Sabina did write back and she was also going to check her regular lingerie store Melmira. She was able to bring her dress with her for fittings, which is great.


By Anita Clarke

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