geekiviews: Jean Leggings by Joe’s Jeans

Jean Leggings by Joe's Jeans

I received a package containing a pair of Zip Ankle Jean Legging in Black by Joe’s Jeans from Holt Renfrew PR just before Christmas. Jean Leggings were never something I would have tried before this package arrived. I hate to say it, I’ve drunk the koolaid, I like them.

Jean Leggings by Joe's Jeans

When I pulled them out of the magenta bag, they looked a little small. I’ve come to realize that you need to buy them smaller than you think. They are denim and do stretch a bit. They are comfortable, it was the first thing that surprised me. They are like wearing non-denim leggings. The fabric is stretchy and soft. The zippers on the side make it easy to put on and remove.
Jean Leggings by Joe's Jeans

I checked out the stash at Holt’s. They have a ton of different styles included distressed denim, acid wash and  tie dye. The price range is $116 – $140. The pair I have are $128. I thought it was hilarious that the distressed denim ones cost $140 even though from a production standpoint I can understand.

I hate the term jeggings and you’ll never hear me use it.  It makes me angry.

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. Jean leggings always look so much better on!

    But considering my last pair of $200 Joe’s “Muse” Jeans literally fell apart after 6 months (and with no reply from them as to why), I’m not likely to drink any Koolaid from Joe’s Jeans again. Are there are other brands making quality leggings?

  2. I originally refused to buy denim leggings because of the stupidity of the term ‘jegging’, but I eventually bought a pair of Jbrands when Artizia had its 25th anniversary sale. I have to admit, I wear them all the time. They solve all my legging issues (and there were many), but are still thin enough to wear under dresses and tunics, and stretchy enough to be super super comfortable. I think they are genius.

  3. I bought the Citizens of Humanity Avedon jeans and I love them, they are so comfortable and I would love to live in them. But having said that they are $250+ and I have already noticed them wearing thin on certain areas after one month’s use. Needless to say I won’t be buying a second pair in black.

  4. I’ll admit I want this too! I saw a few at The Bay which were considerably less$ & after reading some of the other comments about the more expensive ones wearing thin I’ll be getting the ones at The Bay.
    Happy New Year!

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