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i want: Design + Conquer Jewellery

Someone from the Design + Conquer Jewellery twitter account send me a message alerting me to their line. I’m assuming it was the designer, but you never know these days. It took me a couple days to see the message because I don’t look at the I want – I got account for replies that often. I was pleasantly surprise and then drooling when I opened the Design + Conquer website.

Design + Conquer Jewellery

Design + Conquer Jewellery

Morgan Mallett, the designer, has an extensive art education. She started Design + Conquer in 2008. The pieces in the picture are made out of flexible polymers which make the jewellery durable and light. The large neckpiece is available for custom order only.  Neck measurements are part of the transaction. It’s my favourite piece out of them all, what a conversation piece. Design + Conquer also partnered with Jessica Biffi for her Spring 2010 collection creating an exclusive pair of earrings.

Design + Conquer Jewellery has an Etsy Store where you can buy the designs online and at Corktown Designs in the Distillery District in Toronto.

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