Winners Spring 2010 Preview

Winners Spring 2010 Preview

Winners PR holds season previews. I was surprised when I received an invitation to the Spring 2010 preview. Why would an off-season retailer hold a preview for the current season when what they sell is from last spring. It was getting all confused in my head as I grasped for answers. It wasn’t forthcoming so I had to see for myself.

Winners Spring 2010 Preview

The showroom was well put together. There were sections that featured the themes and trends for the Spring 2010 season. There was even a little section for Stylesense. I browsed through the racks and noted items liked. I saw a lot of the following trends:

  • sport
  • animal print in belts, shoes, handbags
  • neutrals big in clothing, shoes and handbags
  • Denim – all flavours, even the jean legging
  • Leather – real and faux. Lots of neutral leather
  • Bright jewellery – either colour or sparkly
  • bright watches a la Toywatch styles
  • Belts were studded, jewelled and animal printed.
  • Gladiator sandals aren’t going anywhere, if anything more embellished
  • Ruffles

As I was browsing, I kept thinking about the odds of me seeing any of these pieces in a Winners store. This fact was part of my initial confusion about the preview. I’ve seen Winners ads and placements in the past and I’ve never seen any of those items in the store. An exception would be Jessica Biffi’s Project Runway Canada dress. I wonder if I’m alone, have you seen anything from magazines in Winners?

Winners Spring 2010 Preview

The more I looked around the more I realized the purpose of the showroom. It was a way for Winners to reach out and promote the shop through the confines of the current season. The number of items in the showroom is a drop in the bucket compared to what Winners must buy in a season. This small group of pieces are selected to give Winners a voice relevant to the season through media. They need media mentions, therefore the resources to accommodate must be available. I didn’t ask about the buying process which I regret now. I’m curious if they are given purchase direction for the upcoming season.

Winners Spring 2010 Preview

I can’t lie, I did see some nice pieces in the showroom. They are laid out in the pictures above. Just be prepared to find substitutes when you go hunting.

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. winners buys the same way that all other canadian fashion retailers buy.
    the head over to europe to pick styles/samples and review trends every season and they rely heavily on vendors to bring forth the current trends for their review.
    most of the brands that are relatively known are vendor private labels that are on trend.

    They buy weird though…a lot of fashion styles are top store buys only think college park, bloor street locations etc, so the buy numbers are very minimum, few hundred per style at best.

    that is the reason why you can NEVER find any of their advertising items in the stores.
    i know i went on a wild goose chase last year for a big ruffled shoulder jacket that was featured in fashion. None of the top stores had it and none of the associates had any idea what i was talking about.

  2. It irritates me that fashion magazines describe pieces as “winners, $30” without stating the designer/brand: this description is totally useless, as Anita has stated. in my experience, it’s easy to source out certain brands/designers that Winners carries at shops other than Winners.

  3. I heard about this Winners Spring Preview, and was also very confused.

    As a consumer, I find there advertising v frustrating and discouraging – I know I won’t be able to find any of the items that are showcased. But thanks for the post and insight, it was very interesting.

  4. I find that Winners has some great ads, but like Anita, I seldom find pieces that are advertised. I really like this post though. I’ve been in Japan for 6 months, so it was great to see some of the trends and pieces being offered at Winners. Thanks!

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