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The Red Door

The Red Door provides foot massages for men and women. It operates out of the Che Bella Spa every Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 7 and 11 p.m. I missed the opening launch party for Red Door so rock-it promo provided me with a complementary couples treatment. I brought Danielle from Final Fashion and I learned that this was her first trip to a spa.

Massage therapists provide the treatment. It’s 45 minutes long and includes a hot foot soak and massage of feet and legs. Prices are $55 per person, $100 per couple and $185 for a group of four.

Che Bella Spa is in an old Victorian home. The space definitely has that homey and welcoming feeling. There are three treatment rooms available. Danielle and I had the attic like room upstairs that is totally private. It’s perfect for couples with the shared couch and quite tranquil.   Televisions are available for watching but we kept it off. When I’m at the spa I like to relax and focus on myself and the treatment. It’s my mediation break and I loved that the therapists weren’t chatty.  Beverages and mini cookies were available to snack on during the treatment.

The treatment itself was divine. Danielle and I visited on a Friday evening. It had been a heavy week of standing in 4 inch heels for me and this massage was the perfect remedy. My legs and feet felt great afterwards, like the days before never happened. I can see myself booking an appointment at the end of an event heavy week to give my feet and legs some pampering.  Of course, The Red Door has gift giving written all over it, who wouldn’t love a foot and leg massage.

The Red Door at Che Bella Spa
10 Castle Knock Road

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