Prada “Made in …” Project

Prada "Made in …" Project
Prada is collaborating with the best artisans from India, Scotland, Peru and Japan to produce a limited edition collection of items that will be available in 2011. They will be found in select Prada stores and are promising to be expensive.

the company continues to identify those specialized craftspeople that represent an unrivaled standard of excellence. Using Mario Prada’s time-honed strategy, Prada collaborates with these exquisite artisans to produce modern, innovative designs utilizing the traditional craftsmanship, materials, and manufacturing techniques of a specific region. In an unceasing quest for excellence, Prada continues to transcend geographical boundaries. Rather than restrictive, such “barriers” offer new ways to think and work. This approach has led naturally to the new “Made in …” project.

Prada "Made in …" Project

“PRADA Made in Scotland”
A collection of traditional tartan wool kilts from the original UK workshops that utilize centuries-old manufacturing and weaving techniques.

“PRADA Made in India”
A collection of entirely handmade garments from the workshops that specialize in Chikan — the most ancient and refined type of Indian embroidery – and handmade, multicoloured ballerina flats, sandals and handbags that employ an equally sophisticated traditional weaving technique.

“PRADA Made in Japan”
A collection of jeans produced by Dova, the world’s most sophisticated denim manufacturer. The “PRADA Made in Japan” jeans can be custom ordered in four different varieties of cloth and seven different washes, meaning that every article is one-of-a-kind.

“PRADA Made in Peru”
A collection of alpaca wool knitwear using artisanal techniques from the most traditional workshops of the Peruvian “campesinos”.

images: nylonmag.com and courtesy of Prada

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