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NorBlack NorWhite Spring Summer 2011

NorBlack NorWhite Spring Summer 2011

Trolling facebook leads to great finds. I noticed two of my very stylish friends liked, NorBlack NorWhite. Being inquisitive, I clicked the link and discovered a new Canadian label with a Toronto and Bombay twist.

NorBlack NorWhite Spring Summer 2011

Charmed by the stories, people, culture, state of transition and everything indian, these little ladies shifted to bombay to discover and create. Focusing on a region per collection, they are exploring india through textile and art.

Norblack norwhite documents their respect to their current playground by designing through adventure. First stop: kachchh, gujarat.

The khatris of kachchh are endowed with creating stunning colour on fabric, bandhani (the tying and dying of fabric), while the nomadic rabaris express their story and art through the cross-stitches on their wear. From the embroideries to the beading, the barren desert to the gulf extremes, kachchh is a land of creators.

On their website I discovered a fascinating video that documents the Bandhani process. Bandhani is Indian tie dye. I love seeing the process being a garment and it’s amazing that the internet has made this accessible to so many people.

Some more internet sleuthing resulted in a Fashion Television feature by Sarah Taylor in October.


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