i want: The Dynasty Barbie Dolls

Most of you know that Barbie ain’t my thing.  However, I grew upon Dynasty (not reruns) so I do want these dolls.  They are awesome.
The Dynasty Barbie Dolls

In honor of Dynasty’s 30th anniversary, Barbie® celebrates two of the show’s iconic characters. Embodying the sass and wicked streak in Alexis, Barbie® makes a bold statement in her golden gown and glittery jewelry. Brown wavy hair and dramatic face paint perfectly capture the character’s allure and deviousness.

Embodying the chic style and glamorous beauty of Krystle, Barbie® wears a stunning white gown inspired by the show’s original Nolan Miller designs. Blonde, sleek, and oh so stylish, she sparkles in jewels that dazzle and delight.

Of course Alexis is my favourite. They got into some pretty wicked catfights.

Thanks to Style Collective friend, I’m the It Girl for tweeting about them.
images: barbiecollector.com

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