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This year I wanted to wear more nail polish. I buy tons of the stuff but never wear it. I would get depressed looking at my nail kit when adding newly bought polish. There were ones still unworn and in their original packaging. My friends at Brill Communications told me that I needed to try Deborah Lippmann’s Addicted To Speed topcoat. It was a life changer they said.

I was skeptical but I liked Deborah Lippmann nail polish so I gave it a shot. I tracked it down at Holt Renfrew and ended up buying a Spring 2011 NARS nail polish called Desperado which they describe as vintage bronze. Addicted To Speed was a life changer, I kid you not. It’s the fastest top coat out there and it only sticks to nail polish. I’m loving, loving this product. Complete and utter fanboy. I get excited for chips in my nails because it means time to change colours. That’s how easy it is to do my nails.

Nars Desperado

I wasn’t sure I would like Desperado initially. It took a day for me to fall in love with it.  I really like NARS nail polish and I’m going to have to find some more colours to buy.  I never did pick up any favourite from the Vintage collection.

My nails look like speckled eggs. Ha

I like the Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow as another layer on nails to give it some sparkle. I paired it MAC x Hello Kitty On the Prowl and my nails reminded me of speckled eggs.

Crappy pic but here is Lincoln Park after dark and boom boom pow

I also paired OPI Lincoln Park After Dark with Boom Boom Pow. It wasn’t as successful. I really need some Ruby Red Slippers instead to make it work right. I had my nails done with a similar colour and Ruby Red Slippers during TIFF. It was awesome.

RGB Pink

I’ve tried pink nail polish before and didn’t really like it. However, the RGB Pink nail polish I got from Rac Boutique in a gift bag is AMAZING.  I love this shade of pink.

Mattese Neon Lightening Blue

Bright blue and obnoxious was my next choice. This is Mattese Neon Lightening Blue. My brother’s girlfriend lent it to me. I love the vibrant nature of this blue.  I do my nails myself and I’ve gotten better at it over the years.   Nothing beats a manicure though.

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