Geekiviews: Rockport with adiPRENE by Adidas


Earlier in the summer I was sent a pair of Rockport sandals to test out. Rockport isn’t a brand I would normally wear but Adidas has partnered with them and have added the adiPRENE technology to make shoes more comfortable. I’ve had a passing interest in technology like this and wrote about Nike and Cole Haan’s collaboration efforts in the past. The technology has two parts: adiPRENE absorbs shock during walking in the heel and adiPRENE+ pushes on the ball of your foot to create a spring in your step.

The selections of shoes presented to me were definitely not my style as they were too tame and too uninspiring. I don’t look at this as a problem for Rockport because I’m really not their target market. The look of shoe usually trumps any comfort aspirations I have. I’m willing to suffer for fashion in many instances. There are many women who can’t wear the heels I do and are looking for something comfortable but not ugly. While I find Rockport’s adiPRENE selection a little uninspiring, there are shoes that can be incorporated in many wardrobes easily.


I finally decided on the Audry Quarter Strap Woven sandal in Coral. They say the colour is coral but it looks a lot like burnt orange to me. The colour is a great addition to my shoe wardrobe and adds a great pop of colour to outfits. They have a tiny platform at 0.8 cm and a small heel at 3.34. They seem like kitten heels to me compared to some of the crazy high shoes I currently own. I really do wish the heel was just an inch taller.

The sandal may lack in fashion forward style but they are amazingly comfortable. I joke that they are almost like wearing running shoes. The adiPRENE technology does a great job of making these shoes that you could wear all day and night. I’ve done this and can attest to it. At $140 these sandals won’t break the bank and your feet will probably thank you.

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. When I saw the ads for Rockport incorporating the adiPRENE technology with heels, I was all over that! However, after seeing the selection of styles – not so much. I’m one of those people that have tried and tried again to wear heels, especially for special occasions but alas, my feet were not meant to wear such sexy footwear.

    Granted, I did try some of the styles, including the one you are wearing and even though they felt like heaven, I wasn’t at all keen on the style – so I gave up on that.

    After much window shopping, I did find some pretty, strong and comfy heels at Feet First from two brands, Softee and MeToo. I know they’re not mega fancy brand names but they feel great and are stylish – perhaps they can be my gateway drug to the more pain-for-beauty heels that fashionistas such as yourself will wear.

    I really hope that Rockport steps up their style game!

  2. Thanks so much for being guinea pig for these less than inspiring shoes. I took a look at the Rockport site after reading this post and yes, many, uh…blah shoes. However, my mum, who is one hip fashionable lady, can’t wear heals any more thanks to 3 dislocated disks in her back! I think these shoes would be amazing for her to wear, as I bet they would offer some relief from the pain of walking. So thanks for suffering fashion for us and sharing this info, I’m off to order a pair of the Meja one band woven clogs in “coral” !

  3. I know they may not yell “look at me! look at me!”, but these do look pretty easy to wear. Err…is it wrong I want a pair lol? As much as I would love to rock a pair of stilettos, it wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

    These offer something a little cute, and look really comfortable.

    -Lindy from

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