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Pillow Boot by Cougar

The Old School

Last year, I reviewed some boots on the site. I made a flippant comment about not caring about Cougar because the don’t make my childhood pillow boot anymore. I was completely wrong. I learned at a preview that the classic boot was coming back for Fall 2011. The anticipation for the Cougar Pillow Boot has been building for months. I’m a such a sucker for some of these retro trends and thankfully Matchstick send a pair over to me.

Cougar Pillow Boots

The New School

In 1976, a Canadian classic was born. A tan leather, calf-high lace up with its famous red lining took an entire generation by storm. This fashion icon is the inspiration behind the new Cougar Pillow Boot.

Made with soft, supple leather this next generation Pillow melds a decidedly vintage look with a modern twist, while still giving you the option to romp through the deepest Canadian snow.(source: Press release)


The weather isn’t conductive to a functional review but I’ve been wearing them around the house and they are very comfortable boots. I like the updated design. The grip on the sole is much better than their 70s counterpart.  I can’t wait to take them out in the snow this year. Matchstick and Cougar Boots asked to me contribute a photo to their Pillow Boot Blogger Lookbook on their facebook page.


My Cougar Pillow Boot look is thick socks (I need to buy some work socks to really pull this look off) and a Philip Sparks dress. This is the only dress made in this fabric. I just had to have something different from everyone else. I would normally the boots with wool tights and a dress but I was a bit lazy at this point.

There are a number of retailers that carry the limited edition Cougar Pillow Boot. You can find them on the Cougar Website. Thanks to Matchstick and Cougar for making me feel like a kid again.

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