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geekiviews: Love Beach Flip Flops

Love Beach Flip Flops

Love Beach Flip Flops

Flip flops are utility shoe for me. They have their place in my public life and that’s at beach or in a gym shower. Flat leather sandals are my preferred choice for summer footwear. I have no rugs, hardwood floors and two cats at my place so I wear flip-flops instead of wearing the cute knit slippers my cousin made me for Christmas. The knit skippers would just be a dust and hair magnet.

The random swag flip-flops I’ve collected over the years were all not very comfortable. I received an email about reviewing flip-flops that had some support features and I said why not. Bonus is that they are Canadian.

Love Beach is a Ottawa based company. They are striving to make the perfect flip-flop that can be dressed up or down. The fashion aspect of the shoes didn’t really interest me but the claims of “Gentle arch support, Gel cushion heels for optimal wear-ability, Triple layer EVA soles for softness and durability, Nice “huggy” fit – no floppiness, Supple TPU uppers help minimize rubbing and hold their shape” did.

I did select the Peacock Turquoise style for my test drive pair. Each pair of Love Beach flip-flops have little removable pendant. I like the peacock more than the flower option.

They were really pretty when they arrived. I wondered how the design would hold up since it’s a sticker and not embedded into the EVA sole. The peacock pendent is a fun addition and pretty sturdy. You have to be careful how about you place your feet in these flip-flops as those peacock pendants really hurt. I’ve worn the flip-flops daily for about two months. I get home, heels come off and Love Beach comes on. They really are comfortable thanks to the added arch support and the gel cushion heel. I love Love Beach flip-flops but not enough to make me wear them outside as a regular shoe. I fall on that side of the fashion fence.

My support is based on a totally utilitarian position. So it didn’t bother me when the sticker design started to peel off a month in. Eventually, I just peeled the remaining design off. The flip-flops are still great without the design. The pendant still looks brand new.

Love Beach flip-flops are $39.95. You can order them online with free shipping at They fit true to size and if you are outside of Toronto you might be able to find some retailers. Check on the Love Beach website.


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