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The Redesign WORN Fashion Journal Project

WORN Fashion Journal is getting a makeover this fall and they are running an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the project.

Our readers have told us they keep their issues of WORN at record-breaking rates. Over 97% of WORN readers keep their issues forever. Our content is timeless and always relevant. We believe it makes perfect sense for our readers to want to hang on to their issues of WORN forever.

We believe a thicker, perfect-bound edition reflects the true value of WORN. It’s a prestige object our readers should be able to stack on a bookshelf, keep safe in a purse, or display proudly on a coffee table. We believe this new format is a necessary step for WORN. We are no longer a group of friends working in a living room; we’re a real business that makes a product we believe in with all our hearts. We want the outside of WORN to reflect the inside.

Where will the money go?
WORN needs $5,000 to complete this project. The breakdown is as follows:

– The additional fee for perfect binding and extra pages is $2,000 over our standard printing bill.

– The new edition of WORN weighs more and will incur further shipping costs. We require $2,000 to cover the increase in shipping costs.

– The new size of WORN will require different shipping supplies. We have the material necessary to ship out the old version of WORN, but we need $1,000 to purchase sturdier envelopes for durable shipping to WORN readers all over the world.

I’ve been a fan of WORN since the beginning and I jumped at the opportunity to participate in the campaign video. One sunny Saturday afternoon, I sat in Dufferin Grove Park and talked about why I think WORN is important. It turned out so fantastic! Check it out. If you’re a fan of independent fashion voices please help fund the new redesign of WORN Fashion Journal at Indiegogo .

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