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08 Flash Black by Layla Nail Polish

08 Flash Black by Layla Nail Polish

I’m in love with Layla Cosmetics Nail Polish. It’s a 60 year old Italian company whose founder is responsible for bring nail polish to Italy in the 30s. I’ve tried a couple Holo like polishes but the Layla polish really delivers the perfect Holographic effect. I haven’t tried Nfu Oh yet but I’ve heard it’s good too.

I purchased the charcoal/dark grey holographic called Flash Black. I figured I should get a neutral looking one to start. I really love the colour. Layla says you don’t need a base coat for this polish and that buffing your nails before application should be ok. Holographic polishes have a notorious reputation of being hard to apply so I purchased the Nfu Oh holographic base coat. It worked really well and suggest buying it when using these types of polishes.

The application was very easy but I allowed more time to dry between coats. You have to allow the base coat to dry completely first for best coverage. The photo shows two coats but I’d use three for total coverage. Add a top coat and you are done. The effect is beautiful and mesmerizing.

You can see swatches of the polish at The Polishaholic And swatches for the entire collection at Scrangie. You can purchase this and other Layla polishes on The price is $16. I’m obsessed and now going to get some more adventurous colours.

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