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Breathless, Jean-Luc Godard and Seberg Chic

Breathless - À bout de souffle

Breathless – À bout de souffle

I’m a bit of a film nerd so I made sure to take advantage of Hulu free Criterion Collection weekend. I was able to knock off a couple of classics that we taking up a long residence on my Must Watch list. I finally got to cross Breathless off that list. À bout de souffle is the original title of film directed by French New Wave pioneer Jean-Luc Godard and it translates literally into “at breath’s end”.

Breathless - Jean Seberg

Breathless – Jean Seberg

A small time crook, Michel Poiccard, chased by the police after stealing a car, shoots one of them and flees. Back in Paris he finds an American girlfriend and succeeds in seducing her. He convinces her to go to Italy with him. But the police have discovered the murderer’s identity and are on his trail…(source)

Breathless - Jean Seberg

Breathless – Jean Seberg

This movie is know in fashion circles because of the exception style the lead actress, Jean Seberg, a 60s fashion icon. I was awestruck by the wardrobe of her character Patricia in the film. I learned that there was no costume designer working on this movie so the actors were responsible for their wardrobes. Jean became and instant style icon and “Seberg Chic” helped to define the 60s. It really got me thinking about incorporating some of “Seberg Chic” into my own look. “Seberg Chic” is defined by these classic items: breton striped tops and dresses, full skirts, shirt dresses, slim black trousers, lightweight button-ups, Trilbys, trench-coats, penny loafers and flat pumps. I love Jean’s pixie cut too as it makes her style all the more relevant to me. The beautiful thing about Seberg Chic is that it’s classic and easy to recreate.


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