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Bluenotes x National Denim Day 2013

Bluenotes for National Denim Day - May 14, 2013

Bluenotes for National Denim Day – May 14, 2013

It’s National Denim Day on May 14, 2013 and Canadian denim giant, Bluenotes is continuing it’s participation in the event. Bluenotes will donate $1 for every denim purchase across the country during the week of May 14, 2013

Leading Canadian denim philanthropists Bluenotes will donate a portion of proceeds from each denim purchase nationwide from May 13 to May 19, 2013 in partnership with National Denim Day to the fight against breast cancer. Benefitting the CURE Foundation, the fundraiser advocates education and awareness through wearing and purchasing jeans.

“Bluenotes’ goal is to bring attention to today’s youth about social and charitable issues through fashion,” says Royal Nasager, Director of Marketing at Bluenotes. “We want to foster tomorrow’s concerned, caring and informed citizens. Our work with National Denim Day is a natural fit.”

Royal Nasager from Bluenotes invited me to the Eaton Centre store to talk about Denim Day and reintroduce me to the brand. I haven’t purchased anything from Bluenotes in probably 15 years and I can’t remember that last time I even walked through the store. The invite intrigued me for two reasons. First reason was the name Royal. It seems shallow but I opened the envelope, looked at the invite, scratched my head and thought “This dude’s name is Royal. This is blowing my mind. I must meet him just to satisfy my catlike curiosity.” The second reason had curiosity at its core too. I’m curious about Bluenote’s business. They are one part of the massive Toronto based apparel manufacturer, YM Inc.. Bluenotes alone has 120 stores across the country and they’ve been around since 1984. Bluenotes operated under the name Thriftys until 2004. I’m a child of the 70s that grew up in Richmond Hill, prime target for the Thriftys brand. My curiosity about Royal was satiated. He’s a very lovely man. He talked to me about National Denim Day and the company’s history of charity work. I didn’t ask many questions about company operations, there wasn’t much time as I was on lunch.

Royal asked me the dreaded question, “So, when is the last time you walked into a Bluenotes store.” I answered it truthfully which was I couldn’t remember. Royal gave me a $100 gift card and said let’s get reintroduced. He also walked me through the many, many styles of denim available. Every style you can think represented in a number of washes. Bluenotes is taking advantage of the printed and colourful denim trend with a range of colours and prints available. (We stuck to the Women’s side, sorry Guys). Denim at Bluenotes retails for $20 – $39.50 making it very affordable for their 14 – 24 demographic.

Right To Play Gala 2013 - Wearing Bluenotes, Greta Constantine and Nine West

Right To Play Gala 2013 – Wearing Bluenotes, Greta Constantine and Nine West

I ended up with two pairs of jeans from their curvy line, a sleeveless button up shirt and a cropped denim jacket. I liked a lot of other printed and coloured skinny styles but they aren’t really made to fit my thighs and butt. The denim jacket is my favourite piece. I needed a cropped jacket as I lost my favourite one a few years ago. The idea of getting a denim jacket again was bopping around in my head so it worked out perfect. I haven’t worn anything but the jacket as of yet. I wore it to the Right to Play Gala last Friday.

Bluenotes aren’t going to replace my Hudson’s anytime soon. They are my go to denim and the brand I tend to wear the most often. I like my denim fabric to have a heavier weight than Bluenotes. I’m a bit of a snob about denim manufactured in the States too. I hope YM one of the companies getting involved in the Bangladesh Factory Safety Pact.

images: courtesy of Bluenotes and CANDICE&ALISON

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