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i want: Sorry T-shirt by Fairgoods

Sorry T-shirt by Fairgoods

Sorry T-shirt by Fairgoods

I get a lot of t-shirt pitches. If you could see the face I make when I read them you can understand that I don’t pay them much attention. I’m a fashion blogger and I like clothing design. If you t-shirt is just showing off your graphic design skills on some American Apparel t-shirt I’m generally not impressed. I have a shit load of Threadless t-shirts, believe me, I’m over that phase in my life.

However, I’ve learned to never say never in life and last week a t-shirt pitch arrived in my inbox which I adore. Fairgood’s art director Shauna Luedtke came up with the Sorry t-shirt which puts a tongue in cheek look at one major Canadian stereotype, politeness.

Anyone that has lived in Canada for a long time falls into this trap. We say sorry all the damn time, even when we don’t have to. I do this regularly and I don’t even have an idea of where in my upbringing this politeness thing manifested itself.

The Sorry t-shirt was pitched to me as a Canada Day story. I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around why some of these holiday pitches exist but I’m not going to complain now because it worked in my favour.

The Sorry t-shirt is printed on a red 100% cotton American Apparel t-shirt (buwahahahaaha, sorry, just recalling the first paragraph in this post) and costs $24USD. You can purchase the t-shirt on the Fairgoods website.

Fairgoods is based out of Calgary and sell “curated selection of accessories, housewares, apparel, and decor, as well as digital goods like type. Some of our products are things we’ve created with makers, some are things we’ve made ourselves, and some of them are existing products we love. (Source)”


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