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geekiviews: Leaves of Trees Deodorant (It’s the Best!)

Leaves of Trees Deodorant

Leaves of Trees Deodorant

I figured that short lasting and under-performing was status quo in the natural deodorant world. I tried different brands and delivery methods over the years. eventually I learned that I didn’t have much of a choice and gave up searching. Then I stumbled on the holy grail when introduced to Leaves of Trees deodorant.

Leaves of Trees is a luxury skincare line based in Toronto that uses all organic products. Brand founder, Roohi Qureshi, MD uses her extensive background medicine and chemical engineering to choose the best natural fair-trade ingredients that produce healing benefits. Leaves of Trees products are formulated using a base of the highest quality unrefined argan oil sourced from a woman’s cooperative in Morocco. The argan nuts are crushed and then cold pressed by hand which results in a higher concentration of antioxidants which prevent and repair skin damage caused by free radicals. All products are handmade in small batches at the Leaves of Trees Flagship store at 177 Queen Street East. Products are free of artificial fragrances, colours and preservatives.

I attended the press preview at the Leaves of Trees flagship store and there was a lot of buzz about the deodorant. Of course my ears pricked up and I was desperate to get my hands on some. There were two types, Lavender Tangerine and Eucalyptus Mint. Luckily the generous gift bag included some of the deodorant for everyone to test out. I got the Lavender Tangerine one. The Leaves of Trees deodorant uses Roohi’s argan lotion formula so it’s also moisturizing. Kaolin clay absorbs moisture and sodium bicarbonate is a deodorizer.

The Leaves of Trees deodorant doesn’t come in stick or crystal form. It’s packaged in a very smart-looking aluminum tube and it has the consistency of thick clay mask. It sounds weird and you are probably thinking there is going to be this huge weird clay looking patch on my pits. I can assure you there isn’t anything to worry about. A small pea size amount of deodorant is all that is necessary and it’s rubbed on the arm pit like lotion. The deodorant is almost totally absorbed and isn’t noticeable at all. The scent isn’t overpowering which is very important to me as a perfume wearer. I hate cross contaminating smells and I always try to find the skin products that are unscented or with the least amount of fragrance in them.

The Leaves of Trees deodorant blew any previous biases I held against natural deodorants. It kept me surprisingly dry and more importantly smell free all damn day long. I never experienced this before and it blew my mind. I’m a convert and I’ve already reordered the Lavender Tangerine and Eucalyptus Mint online. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is finding their current natural deodorant routine lacking in effectiveness.

The deodorants are in 37ml packages and retails for $15 which is available online or in person at the flagship store. Shipping is super fast if you live downtown, I placed my order on July 1st and it arrived on June 4A tube lasted me two months and while it’s more expensive than other natural deodorants, you really can’t put a price on the satisfaction of a smell free day.

The Leaves of Trees line also included argan oil, butters, lip balms, lotions, scrubs and soaps. They also have a custom program for events like weddings and baby showers. The customer can choose Handmade soaps and skincare flavours wrapped in custom designed and personalized packaging. In my gift bag there was a custom sample for each person. Really smart and cute gift.


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