Live in Levi’s Campaign

Levi’s contacted me about participating in their Live in Levi’s campaign (#LiveinLevis). Some select bloggers/influencers use the hashtag and their social networks to share their style stories about Levi’s in their day to day lives. Levi’s also sent us one of their ICON pieces to style to go with our stories.

Live in Levi's - Me in Grade 9

Live in Levi’s – Me in Grade 9

I came across this photo of myself in grade 9 recently. I’m wearing a well loved Levi’s 501 jean jacket. The first thing that came to my mind was “Anita, you stupid asshole, why didn’t you keep that jacket. Think about how worn in and cool it would be now.” I honestly don’t even know if I could still fit in my Grade 9 clothes. The other thing that came to me from that photo was the emotion that it conveyed to me: Happiness, confidence and a little bit of style with my funky skater/Michie Mee-ish haircut. Levi’s was the denim brand of my youth; it wasn’t like now where there is an overwhelming amount of choice in the denim market. It was Levi’s or bust. 20 years later I’ve realized that when I wear Levi’s, I feel like that 13 year old kid again.

One thing I love about my Levi’s style is simplicity. I never feel the need to dress it up. I feel complete whether it’s tossing on a jean jacket or wearing shorts and a t-shirt. With my love of Levi’s simplicity in mind, I chose the Western shirt dress to style for this story.

Live in Levi's - Western Shirt Dress

Live in Levi’s – Western Shirt Dress

One thing I love about dresses is that it’s pretty much one stop dressing. Throw it on and put on some shoes and you are out the door. I’m terrible at layering and I honestly don’t like to wear that many layers so the perfect dress is always important to me. The Fall Winter 2014 Levi’s Icon Western Shirt Dress is a little different due to the polka dots fabric. I think it’s a great detail that gives denim a little modern update. I squealed a little when I got a better look at the fabric.

Live in Levi's - Western Shirt Dress

Live in Levi’s – Western Shirt Dress

I love the built in leather rope belt. You can wear it without but I think it gives the waist a bit more definition when worn. Finally, the dress has pockets!!! I’m a believer that all dresses (except bodycon) should have pockets. My look is a no brainer: tights, boots and the dress. The boots I got at The Gap and I was really worried about how often I would wear them. I don’t do brown shoes very well. All my outfits are designed with black or random colour shoes in mind. I hate brown and black for the most part. Luckily, the Western Shirt Dress is perfect with them. I usually wear darker grey tights but I received these via a package of Grey goodies from Upper Canada Mall. It was like all these items came into my life independently only to discover their purpose in my wardrobe. One more benefit is that I can wear it to work.

You can check out how others #LiveinLevis by checking out the hashtag on your various social networks and by watching this video:

The Western Shirt Dress is from the Fall Winter 2014 ICON collection. Check them out online or at the Levi’s store in Yorkdale Mall.

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