Louis Vuitton Toronto Goes Grafitti

 Louis Vuitton Toronto Goes Grafitti

I stumbled across some news about a local grafitti artist named Skam.  He was commissioned to add some artwork to the LV wall for their Stephen Sprouse campaign.  Skam is among a number of graffiti artists that Louis Vuitton is calling on in various cities to help with this tribute.

 Louis Vuitton Toronto Goes Grafitti
via Skam x Louis Vuitton Toronto | Inqmnd Blog

images: www.inqmnd.ca

IDS09 Favourite Things – Atelier Jacob


A friend of mine runs Atelier Jacob. I was in love with this booth setup. I though it was one of the best of the show. It radiated a nuclear-like glow paired with minimalist design. Toss in the beautiful duo of Team Atelier Jacob and you have the makings of an amazing fashion editorial.

The prototype chair on the right (duh) left is my favourite. Marco is working on fabrication materials and it should be put into production soon.

IDS09 Favourite Things: 5×5: 5 Designers. 5 Inspired Spaces – 64th & Queen – Rec Room Redux

IDS09 Favourite Things: 5x5: 5 Designers.  5 Inspired Spaces - 64th & Queen - Rec Room Redux

64th and Queen created the ultimate recroom. I loved the black and white colour scheme and the light fixtures.

IDS09 Favourite Things: 5x5: 5 Designers.  5 Inspired Spaces - 64th & Queen - Rec Room Redux

I thought 64th and Queen did a great job, then I figured out why. They are the team that put on the Valentino and DSquared2 fashion shows in Toronto. They also designed L’Oreal Fashion Week and the Queen West shop Jacflash.

IDS09 Favourite Things: 5x5: 5 Designers.  5 Inspired Spaces - 64th & Queen - Rec Room Redux

The bed was raised off the ground, love it!

IDS09 Favourite Things: 5x5: 5 Designers.  5 Inspired Spaces - 64th & Queen - Rec Room ReduxIDS09 Favourite Things: 5x5: 5 Designers.  5 Inspired Spaces - 64th & Queen - Rec Room Redux

Photos taken by Paul Baik – www.paulbaikphoto.com


Absolut Helmut is a presentation of ALLES GLEICH SCHWER by Helmut Lang.

ALLES GLEICH SCHWER” is not a statement or a final answer or question. It is about the consideration and the reflection to evaluate which weight or importance or meaning one as a single person wants to contribute in a changing world to personal, social, emotional, global and ecological or any other issues and arrangements which surrounds one or concerns one. The attribution of importance can be explored in a vertical or horizontal direction.

HELMUT LANG was born in Vienna, Austria in 1956. He began designing clothing in his early 20’s. During the following 30 years he developed an international following for the daring, cerebral clothing he created. Always cutting edge, Lang was the first designer to showcase his collection in an Internet fashion show in 1998. Today Lang has turned away from creations for the physical body and is instead creating two and three-dimensional artworks drawing on references as diverse as the folkloric rites of maypole ceremonies and the exploration of surrogate skin. Though he has changed mediums, he is still interested in the interplay between art and the Internet. Lang will share his first institutional solo art exhibit, “ALLES GLEICH SCHWER” , that debuted in Hanover, Germany’s renowned kestnergesellschaft in August 2008 as a vision within theABSOLUT world.

Lang says the online platform allows all viewers to have an ABSOLUT world experience of “EQUAL ACCESS TO THE SAME INFORMATION” and it offers viewers “THE UNIQUE EXPERIENCE OF VIEWING ART IN AN ISOLATED MANNER, WHICH ALSO HAS ITS INTERESTING SIDE.” And as an artist, he says it “ALLOWS YOU TO CONTRADICT THE LAWS OF NATURE AT YOUR OWN RISK.” In collaboration with ABSOLUT, this, a radical new medium for viewing and experiencing art will be presented exclusively at ABSOLUT.COM/HELMUTLANG from September 30th – December 31st. The physcial platform of “ALLES GLEICH SCHWER” will be on view at the kestnergesellschaft through November 2nd. visit www.kestner.org for more info.

The bird sculptures are quite fantastic.

Canstruction Toronto 2008


So every year in at my work, they setup entries for Canstruction.

Canstruction® is the most unique food charity in the world!

A foundation of the Society for Design Administration (SDA), Canstruction® is a design/build competition currently held in cities throughout North America. Teams of architects, engineers, and students mentored by these professionals, compete to design and build giant structures made entirely from full cans of food.

The results are displayed to the public as magnificent sculpture exhibits in each city where a competition is held. At the close of the exhibitions all of the canned food used in the structures is donated to local food banks for distribution to emergency feeding programs that include pantries, soup kitchens, elderly and day care centers.

Since its inception, ten million pounds of food has been donated to aid in the fight against hunger. Initiated by the Denver, Seattle and New York Chapters of the SDA in 1992/93, Canstruction® now has over one hundred individual competitions scheduled to take place during the 2007-2008 cycle.

Design and Construction Industry professional associations that have partnered with the SDA in organizing local competitions include the American Institute of Architects, the Society for Marketing Professional Services and the International Interior Design Association.

It’s always been interesting and this year I took photos. I didn’t get to see all the entries, they were spread over a bunch of buildings. You can see all the entries on the Canstruction site.

The Nature of Diamonds

The Nature of Diamonds
Until March 22, 2009
Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

I’m not a big fan of diamonds at all. I really had no plans to visit The Nature of Diamonds at the ROM. However, I changed my mind when the media invite I received in the mail had a picture of the Diamond “lace” cuff bracelet (top left image above). I was floored and I found myself in the basement on the crystal listening to speeches. Some were rather uncomfortable given the subject. After the talking I was able put aside my issues and view the exhibit.

It was a well rounded exhibit on diamonds, starting with the fact that the stuff is just super hard carbon. It covered physical, historical, religious/mythological, industrial and artistic aspect of diamonds. There was a lot of educational stuff, but I just wanted to see the rocks.

Princess Mathilde corsage ornament is OH MY GOD stunning in person. STUNNING!!!!!! (picture on top right above). Other items of interest include the 407.48-carat golden coloured kite-shaped diamond (bottom left). It’s a monster. The huge diamond and the Princess Mathilde corsage among other rare pieces are held in an area of the exhibit called the vault.

If you are a jewelry nut then this is going to be something you’ll want to see. In the coming months the ROM will be presenting Light & Stone: Gems from the Collection of Michael Scott. From the preview pics in this press release, you won’t want to miss it. I’m salivating myself.

Oh and don’t forget, The Dead Sea Scrolls come to the ROM on June 27, 2009!

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These Viktor & Rolf dolls are kinda creepy

Viktor & Rolf had an exhibit called The House of Viktor & Rolf at the Barbican Art Gallery, London from June 18 – September 21, 2008

The exhibition will chart their career within the context of a specially commissioned installation by Viktor & Rolf. Dominating both floors of the Gallery, this spectacular installation will be kept under wraps until the opening day. The House of Viktor & Rolf will present all the signature pieces and key moments in their career from 1992 to now. Highlights include Haute Couture pieces from Atomic Bomb, 1998–99, featuring dramatic mushroom cloud-like cushioned necklines and Russian Doll, 1999–2000, in which a single model was painstakingly dressed by the designers themselves in front of a catwalk audience in 10 independent layers, in an experience reminiscent of performance art. In the boudoir-themed show Bedtime Story, 2005–06, the dreamy atmosphere was created by garments abundant with broderie Anglaise, quilting and ruffles.

The exhibition includes pieces from Launch, their ‘dreams in miniature’ collection of October 1996. At the start of their career, and not yet discovered, Viktor & Rolf created a miniature installation that represented all their ambitions: catwalk show with dolls; a fashion shoot; a shop with glass windows and even the launch of a fake perfume with an ad campaign and press release.

You can see video of the exhibit here.

There is a great blog post at If It’s Hip, It’s Here: Viktor & Rolf’s Barbican Exhibit With Side By Side Comparisons of the Dolls & Fashions With The Runway Models. There is a side by side comparison of the dolls to the runway looks that is pretty interesting.

via Notcouture.com

image: ifitshipitshere.blogspot.com

Montreal 2008 – Yves Saint Laurent Love

There was no photography at the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit so I never felt that compelled to blog about it immediately.

I did purchase something hilarious though, a YSL paper doll book called Yves St. Laurent Fashion Reviewby Tom Tierney (I just discovered some of his other books, OMG!!!!!).

I really regret not buying 2 copies, just so I could cut up one.

images: scans by me and mmfa.qc.ca

i got: Marvel 360 by Darryl Graham

I nerded out and bought a print by a local artist, Darryl Graham.

He’s drawn 360 Marvel characters. Everyone is there: Xavier, Magneto, The Sentinels, Cyclops, Gambit, Wolverine, etc. It’s really cool, I can’t wait for it to arrive in my mailbox.

Darryl is very good. I fell in love with the print immediately. Click this link to see the a larger version.

I emailed Darryl directly to order the print and I asked for permission to use the smaller version of the image for this post. He called me awesomely sweet and that made me Internet blush! I’m Internet crushing on him now.

Thanks Darryl!

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Art break with Andy Warhol

Suicide (Fallen Body)

I never really appreciated Andy Warhol until I saw Supernova: Stars, Deaths and Disasters, 1962– – 1964 exhibit at the AGO. This image was my favourite of the exhibit and is one of my favourite pieces of art. The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is my all time favourite painting. Unfortunately, the image doesn’t even come close to seeing it real life.

The original photo is an enigma. Such a beautiful photo of such a horrific event.

On May 1, 1947, Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Photographer Robert Wiles took a photo of McHale a few minutes after her death.

The serenity of McHale’s body amidst the crumpled wreckage it caused is astounding. Years later, Andy Warhol appropriated Wiles’ photography for a print called Suicide (Fallen Body)

You can see the original photo in the post called The most beautiful suicide on kottke.org.

image: khm.de

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Toronto’s Mille Femmes

Mille Femmes is now over. However, here is a picture of my photo. I was pretty pleased with it and many people complemented me on it. Thanks Maraval for the photo.

Check out some pictures from the Mille Femmes party and the exhibit below.

i want: PLEAT Wellington Boots

PLEAT Wellington Boots.

I have to admit I’m beginning to come around to the welly. I have a lot of shoes that I just don’t like to wear in rainy and slushy weather. I noticed these beautiful things on The Cool Hunter. Too bad they are an art exhibit and not available for sale, if they were I would have to buy them. Rachael Sleight, the artist, has some other very cool looking clothes/art on her site.