NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Ruffian

After Phi it was off to Ruffian at the National Arts Club, right besides Gramercy Park. The building is so completely stunning, I was blown away. Unfortunately, it was terrible for pictures with my crappy digital camera so I don’t have any.
National Arts Building

National Arts Building

The show was an hour late. All the shows I went to were late, but usually only 20 – 30 minutes. The next show, Temperly was waiting for us though. I enjoyed parts of this show. The presentation was amazing, great location and great music. The One Winged Dove Dress in Pomp Pink Satin Faced Organza that Canadian, Lisa Cant wore knocked everyone’s socks off.
One Winged Dove Dress in Pomp Pink Satin Faced Organza

The high waisted pants and the jackets were amazing. I loved this set: Bustier Trouser in Clay Pearlized Cotton, McLaran Jacket in Clay Pearlized Cotton. ( I love line sheets, thanks thoughtful designers).
Ruffian Bustier Trouser in Clay Pearlized Cotton, McLaran Jacket in Clay Pearlized Cotton

All the clothes that used the white flowered material reminded me of bed sheets and wallpaper. I didn’t like any of the last 3 gowns either. Video of the show is after the jump…

NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Doo ri

Doo ri was the next and final stop for me on Friday in Chelsea. I was suppose to see Proenza Schouler that night but it fell through. Yes, I was a little upset about that.

I spent some time looking for my seat with no help from the staff. They would wave in the general direction of seat and walk away. I shouldn’t be the one to kick people out of my own seat, that should be your job. But if you want to get anything done it’s best to do it yourself. I wasn’t in a good vantage point for pictures, I couldn’t even see the shoes. After Thakoon it was hard to impress me. There were a few pieces I really like, but I wasn’t feeling the colour palette and some of the cuts (what’s with the mid-drift stuff, haven’t we moved beyond that). I did love this Bone cotton trend coat
Doo ri Bone cotton trench coat Spring 2008

It was funny to see that even the top girls fuck up. The first model out the door turned at the wrong moment and forgot half the audience. That was 2 shows in a row, a couple of the women at Thakoon forgot the layout too.

It was the first time I saw Masha Tyelna up close. She’s a new model that has the hugest blue eyes you will ever see.

Since my pictures are horrible, I’ve tracked down a video for you all. There is one thing I’ve learned in New York. Pictures suck and don’t make any judgments until you’ve seen the video or been there in person.


NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Thakoon

Before and after the Zero show I had time to kill. So I browsed the shops of the Meatpacking district. Scoop, Puma Black Store, Stella McCartney, Jeferry, Ed Hardy, La Perla and Alexander McQueen. I was salivating in the McQueen store, some of the gowns for sale were just beautiful.

Thakoon was next show. It was in a large warehouse space, two rows of benches lined the runway which snaked it way around the room. I saw Anna Wintour. It was a brief glimpse of the woman and the only time I saw her all weekend. There were some other celebs in the audience, but I didn’t know who they were. A lot of the top models walked the show, Stam, Irina (both K and L), Hye Park. It’s amazing how thin these women are, it’s astonishing. Top models do screw up time to time and a couple models forgot the layout of the runway and bypassed a whole section of buyers and other guests.

The clothes were absolutely stunning. I loved everything and the last 3 dresses were complete knockouts. My pictures are online for viewing.

Hello Gucci Knockoff

Looks who’s totally copied the silver Gucci boots I spend the summer pining over, Franco Sarto available at Town Shoes.
Franco Sarto Silver Gucci boot knockoffs

I first saw this book in the latest Lou Lou Magazine. I literally had to do a double take. I thought there was a mistake in the advertisement; they don’t carry Gucci at Town.

These look identical. I tried on the Gucci’s at Holt’s, if they only had a 39. I’m going to try on these knockoffs and compare when I see them in the stores.


i want: Passenger Pigeon clothing

Passenger Pigeon, the affair continues…
I have a coat fetish, big time. I have a double closet dedicated to them. Most of them are vintage, a few are military. There is also my prized possession, Anita. The Bell coat (pictured above) is made from a woolen army blanket.

This summer I loved the wrap dress and this fall is no different. I love the Jersey wrap dress made from cotton and bamboo. Instead of birds this one has tree stumps.

However another dress has added itself to the mix, the Herringbone Mod Dress. This one is made with bamboo, linen and lined with 100% silk, nice! The tree motive is a big trend with the fall 2006 collection.

i want: Wrap dress by Passenger Pigeon

A wrap dress by Passenger Pigeon
Wrap dress by Passenger PigeonPassenger Pigeon wrap dress
Cute and sustainable. I really do like silk screened cute things.

Passenger Pigeon can be found at
The Distillery Historic District
55 Mill St., building #56
Toronto, ON

686 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON

903 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON

Little Black Dress Shop
135 Tecumseth St.
Toronto ON

19 Kensington Avenue
Toronto ON