Watch It: Anita’s Awesome Adventure by Jaime Woo

Every time I see the Anita’s awesome adventure video by Jaime Woo it makes my heart quicken. It brings me back to the end of June 2009 on the night that the Holt Renfrew Bloggers Windows were unveiled. This video brings it all back like it was yesterday, it gives me goosebumps. My dear friend last year celebrated her birthday at the same time that Holt Renfrew celebrated her work as a fashion blogger, paying homage to her with a display window. I filmed it as a belated present for her. <3 you, Anita! I hope you all enjoy this…

Polysh Magazine – Toronto’s Top Bloggers, Spring 2010

I had such a lovely time with the Polysh Magazine folks. One Saturday in February I went the studio and did a photoshoot and interview. The final product is better than I expected and I’m really pleased. Thank you Polysh for considering me. Make sure you check out the magazine because there are interviews with the other bloggers on the cover and some amazing editorial photos. My interview starts on page 53. My blogging friends: Coco&Lowe Style By Drew 1 LOVE T.O. urbanebloc Lost in the WILLDERNESS hustleGRL

Cover Critiques at Masthead Online, March 2010

Masthead.ca has a feature called Cover Critiques. It takes two magazine covers and asks members of the industry to critique them. I was asked to provide my input for the March 2010 issues of Fashion and Flare. Read everyone answers at Cover Critiques on Masthead.ca. This critique was pretty hilarious from my standpoint. I’m a subscriber to Fashion Magazine but not Flare. However, I bought the March 2010 issue of Flare because there is a picture of me in it. I’m on page 150!

She Takes on the World Women of the Year 2009

On December 31, I received an email with this subject line, “You are a Woman of the Year Honoree.” WTF is this, I thought. Woman of the Year?  Is someone playing a joke on me. It has to be spam, like that Princeton Premier stuff. It was real and it shocked me. There are many large publications that publish an annual Women of the Year list and I’m always disappointed when I see the lists populated with female celebrities and women who already have a very high profile, not to say these women haven’t had notable accomplishments. She Takes on…