Woudenberg Spring Summer 2013 – Paragon

Woudenberg Spring Summer 2013
Woudenberg Spring Summer 2013

I’m a sucker for anything Art Deco related so I was very interested in the Woudenberg Spring Summer 2013 jewellery collection. Toronto based, Emily Woudenberg is a self-taught fashion and jewellery designer with an educational background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. The spring summer 2013 season marks her fourth collection under the her namesake label, Woudenberg.

Woudenberg Spring Summer 2013
Woudenberg Spring Summer 2013

The collection titled “Paragon” is inspired by the most eclectic and luxurious qualities of the Art Deco movement. A paragon, defined as “an immaculate diamond”, symbolized the frivolity that followed World War I. After the Great Depression and World War II, the opulence of the Art Deco era was out of place and a stark contrast to the sombre reality of the late 1930s. The 12-piece collection incorporates rose gold, opalite, copper industrial materials, rope and hand-sculpted pendants. Staying true to the Woudenberg aesthetic, Paragon is avant-garde and androgynous with each piece as experimental and effortlessly sophisticated as the next.

“I wanted to capture the essence of the contrast between extreme frivolity and sombre frugality that was seen in
The 1930’s. The feeling is strangely current.” Emily Woudenberg(source: Press Release)

Woudenberg Spring Summer 2013
Woudenberg Spring Summer 2013

These days designers are taking advantage of all the different mediums to use for promotion. The spring summer 2013 Woudenberg collection has a video also.

Woudenberg Spring Summer 2013
Woudenberg Spring Summer 2013

My favourite pieces are the some of the larger ones. They certainly are statement pieces that will start conversations. Ilike how Emily merges different materials together in her jewellery.

Pieces from the collection range from $58 – $142 and are available online at shop.emilywoudenberg.com and Ukamaku.com. In person shopping can be done at Homeground Boutique (16 Cumberland Street, Lower Level,Toronto). I’m honestly surprised at how affordable this collection is and I thought the Scarab Necklace would be way over $200.

images: Courtesy of Woudenberg

Hermes Spring Summer 2011 Bracelets

Hermès enamel bracelets are an obsession of mine. The sample sale allowed me to purchase one of my own. These editorial images I scanned from the Le monde d`Hermès magazine are total bracelet porn for me. I want them all.

I dream of adding more bracelets to my jewellery box and doing the collector thing. Perhaps even acquire a bracelet per season.

images: scanned by me

Adventures in Moonrox – One of a Kind Edition

So I worked the Moonrox booth at the One of a Kind Show this past Saturday. I’ve always thought of myself as a piss poor salesperson. When it comes down to it a salesperson has to like people and I’ve never been a big fan of people. However to my surprise I was a selling machine that day.

I also managed to score some jewelry in the process.

MoonRox.ca Brass circle Necklace

MJ picked this necklace out for me before I even arrived. He knows my style so very well and even told Monique (MoonRox designer) that I would totally buy it. He was right. I was telling people that this necklace is right on trend for Spring 2009 and most gave me a blank look. If you’ve been to the One of a Kind Show, you’ll understand.

MoonRox.ca Charm Bracelet

I have always loved the MoonRox Charm bracelets. They are chunky, loud and colourful. I think they are the perfect addition to a LBD ensemble.

MoonRox is in booth Y-4 and will be at the One of a Kind show till Sunday.

i want: Toy Me Scissor Cuff

Toy Me Scissor Cuff
Toy Me Scissor Cuff

I noticed this cool little bracelet the other day, but it took an email from Danielle from Final Fashion for me to realize that this is a post worthy bracelet. I can totally understand why Danielle fell in love with it, I even thought of her when I saw it initially.

I have no idea where and when it will be available. The Toy Me Scissor Cuff is from the company Toy Me. Check the stores page for details on retailers.

via notcot.com
image: toyme.it