Nella Bella Spring 2010 Handbags

Nella Bella Spring 2010 Handbags
Nella Bella Spring 2010 Handbags - Fiji (left), Vienna (right)

Last season I talked about Toronto based Nella Bella handbags on I want – I got. I posted about the Nella Bella Fall 2009 Handbag collection. I visited Tarek, Nella Bella owner in his studio to get a look at the Spring 2010 collection up close.  Of course I had to take pictures with all the bags.

Nella Bella Spring 2010 Handbags
Nella Bella Spring 2010 Handbags - Riviera clutch

Spring 2010 focuses on neutrals like black, brown and creme. However there are spots of colour with the acrylic dipped cotton prints, bright canvas, and vibrant pink PU materials. All the bags come with different colour options. There are a lot of the classic shapes from previous seasons like the London bag and the popular Vancouver gym tote, which always gets Tarek smiling when he sees them on the street.

Nella Bella Spring 2010 Handbags
Nella Bella Spring 2010 Handbags - cabo (left), Rio (right)

Some of my favourite styles include the Riviera clutch which also can double as a full bag with straps, the Vienna satchel, the liquid metal looking Stockholm messenger and the Rio. I fell in love with Rio on first sight. It was solidified when I touched the soft fabric. It was similar to suede in texture. Tarek was watching me drool because he handed me the Rio sample in cream snake as I was leaving.  The sample differs from the production version because of the black straps and magenta accents.  The strap is white on the production handbags and the magenta accents were dropped.

Capezio is now carrying the line. The first two photos in the gallery contain the styles available for purchase there.  Handbags range in price from $80 – $150.

images: courtesy of Nella Bella

Yorkdale Style Challenge

My twitter followers saw posts about Danielle Meder and I at Yorkdale last week. I was playing Ms Stylist. Danielle was my guinea pig for the Yorkdale Style Challenge. I received an email from Briar with Edelman with the offer to participate in the Yorkdale Style Challenge. I accepted and decided to play fairy godmother to Danielle.

We met with Mina Cisternino, head of Yorkdale Wardrobe Planning and Personal Shopping. Yorkdale offers free Wardrobe planning and personal shopping services to customers of the mall.. The service is 2 hours long and one of the four fashion experts will help you with your fashion related needs. You can sign up on the Yorkdale website.

I recieved $500 in Yorkdale gift certificates. I came into this challenge with a plan for Danielle. I wanted to push her boundaries and heels were part of this equation. I envisioned a pencil skirt, a white button up shirt and killer heels. It would be opposite to Danielle’s normal casual style. I was running the show here, Ha. We were in a mall so the first stop is Club Monaco. Club is probably my favourite mall brand for fashion.

Yorkdale Style Challenge

We went through a lot of outfits at Club. I enjoyed having Danielle as my doll to dress up. I searched the store grabbing items of the rack. I was hoping to come out with a handbag, shoes and outfit with the $500. There were many look changes for Danielle and I learned a lot about what she was comfortable with. I guess I was pretty militant but I was most concerned that she would feel confident in it.

Yorkdale Style Challenge

I learned early on that the separates weren’t gonna work so I focused on dresses again. There were many in the store that I just loved. Mina and I must have picked up every dress in the place for Danielle to try on. I have to admit some of them were for my curiosity. Things can surprise you when on a body. Some garments have no hanger appear. We picked a dress. It was one of the second she tried on. It was on to shoes.

I think we went to most of the standalone shoes stores in the mall. Most trips were quick in and out. I tend to scan quickly for interest and get the hell out if there is none. We ended up Capezio where Danielle agreed to the silver, strappy Michael Kors heels. I was delighted.  It picked up the silver woven into the fabric of Danielle’s dress.

Yorkdale Style Challenge

She debuted the full outfit at the Worthy 30 party on Thursday. It was a complete success. Danielle has much better photos on  Yes, my services are available.  Inquire within 🙂

Hunter Boots in Toronto

Well, well, everyone wants Hunter boots now. Even my friend MJ jumped on the bandwagon which totally surprised me. You should see the looks we get when he’s wearing his black ones and I’m wearing my blue ones. We look like a crazy couple that dresses alike, thought MJ is the better dressed one.

Just to let the guys know, Hunter’s are a unisex boot. So if anyone tells you they are a girl’s boot, they are completely wrong. Make sure you let them know that the Duke of Wellington is rolling in his grave at the suggestion.

So here is an updated list for where to buy Hunter boots aka Wellys in Toronto

Get Outside – They carry a range of colours. I really want a yellow pair.

Heel Boy – Carrys Hunters in a variety of colours. The website is annoying – content not music people. It looks half finished. That being said, it’s a great store for shoes.

The Bay apparently is carrying them also.

If you’ve seen Hunters around, please leave a comment.

Update: New Stores

Holt Renfrew
Ciara’s Casual Chic
New Update: (sept 13, 2008) –Little Burgandy
New Update: (Oct 24, 2009) Browns

i got my wellys

My mission on Boxing Day was to get some cheap Hunter Wellys. Some stores discounted them a little bit like TNT, Over the Rainbow, Aritiza and Capezio. Heel Boy didn’t even put them on sale and they aren’t part of the 2 for 1 sale they are having right now. I almost bought them from Heel Boy until I found out they weren’t part of the sale. I decided to wait it out and I’m glad I did because Over the Rainbow brought out the big guns, 50% off. The last pair in blue were a 38; it was like they were waiting for me.

So, if you are looking for Hunter Wellingtons on the cheap, hit up Over the Rainbow. They had a bunch of green ones left and some of another style, The Hunter Lady N. Get them while they last. There is also a lot of other stuff on sale tshirts, tons of denim and sweaters. If anyone is looking for a full length Triple Five Soul jacket they should go very soon. There are about 6 or 7 left and there are small sizes too. I remember telling one of the staff at the Bata Shoe Museum about the sample sale and gave her my site url. I hope she reads this. 🙂
Hunter Lady N boot