Denis Gagnon x Lancôme Fall 2011 Makeup

Denis Gagnon x Lancôme Fall 2011 Makeup
Here is my last bit of Denis Gagnon related fashion news today, a new makeup collaboration with Lancôme for Fall 2011. The collaboration will become available in Mid August at select Lancôme counters.

To reflect the brand’s philosophy of partnerships between arts and beauty, Lancôme pursues its mission to promote excellence by associating with talented Canadian fashion designer Denis Gagnon. This artistic collaboration between Lancôme and Denis Gagnon started in 2010 with the celebrations surrounding the designer’s 10th anniversary and the related exhibition of his work organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. For this occasion, Lancôme had created makeup looks to complement the Spring-Summer 2011 collection of Maison Denis Gagnon. In the fall of 2011, Lancôme will continue this association by launching a limited edition, exclusive makeup collection created in collaboration with the fashion designer.

Denis Gagnon x Lancôme Fall 2011 Makeup

These beauty looks, created by makeup artist Lora Spiga in collaboration with Denis Gagnon, feature smoky and sophisticated eyes that ooze self-confidence, combined with a seductive mouth in shades of nude to intense purple.

“I wanted to create a look that was both edgy and sober. When I create, I always look for simplicity, interpreted differently. I think this theme once again applies to our collaboration. We have brought a new freshness to the structure of the face, while warming up the lips. The look is subtle, never overstated. Smokey eyes, defined cheekbones, and a mouth that can be almost unnoticeable or very present, as you wish”, Denis Gagnon

“I was very enthusiastic to work with Denis again as our last association, for his Spring-Summer 2011 fashion show, had gone so well. For the creation of this very special makeup collection, we have joined forces to create beauty looks that highlight women’s beauty and complement Denis’ new collection.”Lora Spiga, official makeup artist, Lancôme Canada

Denis Gagnon x Lancôme Fall 2011 Makeup

“This collaboration with Lancôme is a very happy marriage. I think that associating two prestigious brands, each well known in its respective field of beauty and fashion, brings a breath of fresh air to the beauty industry”, Denis Gagnon, designer.

The Denis Gagnon Fall 2011 collection will retail between $27 Р$50. A limited make up bag/evening clutch designed by Denis Gagnon will be available at select Lanc̫me counters in The Bay. The bag is filled with Lanc̫me samples worth $140.

images: courtesy of L’Oreal Canada

Garden of Roses: Denis Gagnon Interprets Alice at Luminato – June 10 – 19, 2011

Garden of Roses: Denis Gagnon Interprets Alice at Luminato - June 10 - 19, 2011
I love that Luminato and Lancôme bring Canadian designers to create beautiful art installations. Last season it was Mark Fast and this season it’s Denis Gagnon who is going gangbusters with good news this year. Garden of Roses: Denis Gagnon Interprets Alice is the name of the piece that will be on display during the Luminato festival in June.

Inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, one of Canada’s iconic fashion designers creates a world of wearable fantasy.

One of the most acclaimed Canadian designers of his generation, Denis Gagnon is noted for his bold traversal of the boundaries between the fashion industry and art. For over a decade, his concept of clothing as “moving sculpture” has informed his innovative collections for fashion lovers across Canada while also finding expression in the realms of pure creativity.  As a result, Gagnon, who began his career designing theatrical costumes, recently became the first Canadian in his field to have his work exhibited at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

In this installation, a one-of-a-kind dress surrounded by a garden of roses provides an intriguing complement to Christopher Wheeldon’s ballet performed by the National Ballet of Canada.

Commissioned by Luminato and Lancôme.

June 10-19
Wintergarden Lobby
225 King Street West (beside David Pecaut Square)


Je m’appelle Denis Gagnon, A Documentary

Je m'appelle Denis Gagnon, A Documentary
It’s Denis Gagnon news day at I want – I got. He has a documentary called Je m’appelle Denis Gagnon. It should be very interesting.

Denis Gagnon, fashion designer, is putting the final touch on his latest collection. Confined in his basement, turned atelier, he instinctively assembles materials (glitters, Jersey, leather and silk). Denis returns to his home town of Alma (Lake Saint-Jean) where he meets up with family and old friends. During this visit home he shares his concerns, inspirations and perceptions as a creator. The “enfant terrible” of Canadian fashion is the subject of this new cinematic picture. Rather than solely focusing on the clothing, “My name is Denis Gagnon” is an intimate portrait of a complex character. Denis Gagnon presents himself as the artist behind enormous dark glasses.

There is a trailer out too


Denis Gagnon x Aldo Spring Summer 2011 Shoes

Denis Gagnon x Aldo Spring Summer 2011 Shoes
It’s been collaboration news central the last few days. Denis Gagnon is selling limited quantities of his Spring Summer 2011 shoes at his new Montreal store.
Denis Gagnon x Aldo Spring Summer 2011 Shoes

In conjunction with the official opening of the Denis Gagnon boutique, scheduled in May 2011, Denis Gagnon and ALDO will be releasing the samples from their Spring/Summer 2011 shoe collaboration to be sold exclusively at the designer’s first stand-alone boutique in Old Montreal. In limited quantities, the samples will be sold for $150.00 per pair. 15% of the total sales will be donated to the Farha Foundation in Montreal.

Lucky Montrealers!

images: courtesy of Aldo

i got: Denis Gagnon x Bedo Dress

So, Denis Gagnon partnered with Bedo last August to created a little capsule collection. I managed to grab myself two dresses from the collection when the markdown season started. I didn’t get any of the iconic pieces that I’ve seen people sporting but I do like my drapy tunic/dresses. I treat this dress more like a tunic right now and pair it with leggings and boots.

TOMMY Dinner

This was taken at Parts and Labour for the TOMMY dinner party that was hosted by Jeanne Beker. I’m standing with Tiyana Grulovic who is a Fashion Editor at the Globe and Mail.

George Pimentel was there to photograph all the guests and then those photos ended up on I still think it’s hilarious that if you search for my name on WireImage two photos show up.

image: George Pimentel

LGFW SS11: Denis Gagnon

LGFW SS2011 Denis Gagnon-5566

Denis Gagnon never disappoints. His spring summer 2011 collection wowed the audience on Friday. It begs the question, why is Denis still showing in Canada? I really think he could hit up a capital and I hope he does. The man needs to be a household name in the fashion industry worldwide. His work makes me weep that I’m not wealthy enough to own it all.

LGFW SS2011 Denis Gagnon-5172

Stripes, chains, zippers and string were the major themes. Stripes can be hard to wear sometimes but Denis Gagnon strategically used angles to ensure the best possible silhouette. String is back from the previous season and thank god for that. Those looks have so much movement to them, it’s mesmerizing. All I can think about is dancing in them and how much fun it would be. It was a primarily black and white collection but there were dresses in green, blue, orange and silver. Ombre dipped string added a beautiful effect to dresses down the runway.

LGFW SS2011 Denis Gagnon-5426

The models weren’t very strong and you could see their hesitation with the special made double platform heels. The models were a minor distraction most people including myself were staring at the clothing. The chain detail is so intricate and special. I wonder how much time is needed to create a piece like this. I saw a few pieces of the collection up close and personal at Holt Renfrew for the personal appearance. Amazing is the only way to describe it, absolutely amazing. I will have to play dress up in Holt’s come spring. Denis Gagnon is always part of that game for me.

LGFW SS2011 Denis Gagnon-5414

The styling was perfect for the collection. I didn’t notice the facial piercings on some of the models until looking at the photos. It works for this urban tribal world Denis has created. Someone pointed out to the hair at Alexander Wang’s NYC show. At first glance I could see similarities. The model’s hair incorporates braids in this style and it just looks better. There isn’t any awful white paint. Denis created all the amazing handbags shown this season. I was drooling over all of them, especially the fringy ones. Denis does know how to design a handbag as seen with his Fullum & Holt collaboration a few years back. I suspect he had something to do with the jewellery too this season.

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LGFW SS11: Holt Renfrew Presents Spring Summer 2011

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6734

So it’s LG Fashion Week once again. Toronto now has its own kick at the Spring Summer 2011 collections. The venue has changed to Heritage Court at Exhibition Place. It’s a lot roomier and there are lots of bathrooms. Getting into the runway room is alway a chore and that hasn’t changed. I love the exposed brick but I wish it was on both sides of the building. The non brick side could have used some extended curtains but I’m getting a little nitpicky here. Overall, decent except for the bad sun glare at the end of the night.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6996

Monday night saw Holt Renfrew bring its traditional media cocktail party to the runway. We saw some of the best of Canadian fashion in one runway show. Denis Gagnon, Jeremy Laing, Lida Baday, Line RUNWAY, Mikhael Kale, Pink Tartan, Smythe, Wayne Clark and Wings + Horns all presented several looks from their spring summer 2011 collections. This show was also a sneak peek at the upcoming Pink Tartan and Line Knitwear shows. The runway show didn’t have champers and nibbies, so it was a bit bittersweet. I stopped attending when they moved to the breakfast format started, work was beckoning at that time. Coco Rocha even attending wearing Spring Summer 2011 Greta Constantine and looking wonderful. She also gave a little speech at the beginning.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6236

I loved Jeremy Laing. His clothing is just so effortlessly cool on everyone I see. Now I’m even more excited to see the stuff in the studio. I knew I would see the entire collection from Pink Tartan and Line Knitwear the next day so I didn’t read anything into the looks shown. I would make judgments on the whole show. I liked what I did see though. I’m pretty bang on with my CBC Radio One trend predictions of colour blocking and stripes. Pink Tartan knocked that prediction out of the park.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-7193

I was glad it wasn’t the real Line Knitwear show because all I could focus on was the models and the shoes. It wasn’t pretty even though the knits and printed silks were. I’m usually the biggest Mikhael Kale fangirl and it really pains me to say that I only liked the finale dress and the tan cropped leather jacket. The dress was so sparkly and beautiful. It memorized me as it shimmered under the lights down the runway. There is little left to the imagination because of the plastic which makes it a bit scandalous. 🙂 Lida Biday and Wings + Horns were both well made lines but didn’t grab me at all.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6848

I really like the styling for Smythe. It made me smile and it looked like fun. Plus I’m a huge fangirl. I also liked the styling for Pink Tartan. You work it George.

LGFW SS2011 Holt Renfrew-6957

I was gaga for Denis Gagnon again. I cannot wait for his show on Friday. Cannot freaking wait! He’s continuing the string thing which I love and doing something very cool things with stripes. It was my first Wayne Clark runway experience and he opened with Rose. I love Rose she’s cool. He did a series of long red gowns with bows, ruffles and roses.

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TEFW – Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail


I always enjoy the Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail and I think they might have put the best one on yet. The 3rd floor Contemporary space was more open. No more talking through the racks of clothing. The runway was nice and high so everyone could get good pictures.


Random celebrities showed up too. I was so angry that I missed Sam Neill in the flesh. I’ve been in love with that man since Jurassic Park. I was too busy running around talking to people and getting my picture taken. The Jeremy Laing dress I was wearing caused quiet the stir. Even Lisa Tant said she liked it. It was the first time she’s talked to me. I think of it as a personal fashion milestone. Yes, I am quite silly.


This season we saw designs from Jeremy Laing, Greta Constantine, Erza Constantine, Pink Tartan, Lida Baday, Smythe, Denis Gagnon and Mikhael Kale. They are some of our best designer talent in Canada. They are all available at Holt Renfrew. Yes, Canadian designers are available at Holt’s.



Denis Gagnon and his stylist did some DIY madness on Aldo shoes. They are so covetable. I’ve heard the rest of Denis’ collection is to die for. I need to find pictures stat. If you know of good ones, please leave a comment.


I’d love to step into Mikhael Kale’s brain. He comes up with some crazy stuff. He’s very inventive with the fabrication. Loved the bright blue and pink shoes.


This is one of my favourite dresses from the Jeremy Laing Spring 2010 collection. I love how the print converges to a point on the hip. Jeremy is so damn adorable. I knew I would see him at the cocktail and that’s why I decided to make sure I was representing him by wearing one of his dresses. I couldn’t believe that many people couldn’t figure out who I was wearing. I guess I’m just a little obsessed.





i want: Jewellery by Harakiri

Ibis Bracelet by Harakiri

An Ibis Bracelet by Harakiri

Daikoku Pendant by Harakiri

Daikoku Pendant by Harakiri

Harakiri are a Montreal based company. I first heard of them because of their work with Denis Gagnon. They produced some absolutely stunning jewellery for his many of his runway shows including Spring 2009. The themes run a little dark in their jewellery as you can tell by the mouse skull.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – geekigirl’s Top Collections

So I’m going to do what I never do, break down my top collections from L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009. This is of course based on the shows I attended. These are the collections that moved me the most. The collections that made me thank god for attending the tents that night. The collections that make me salivate at the mouth.

Denis Gagnon – This collection is really what my fashion dreams are made of. Hauntingly beautiful with that slightly dark twist I love. Box it all up and ship it home.

Morales – Architectural, sculptural, colourful. Something different from every day fair.

Evan Biddell – Streetwear done right. Finally, someone has me interested again. Streetwear has fallen off my radar as of late.

Greta Constantine – statement dress makers. While I’m not down with the colour palette, there’s no denying those shapes.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Denis Gagnon

I could have boxed up every piece of Denis Gagnon’s collection yesterday and taken it home. I loved everything. Well, everything but the gold lame stuff, not a fan of gold. It was a leather and jersey dream. The jewelry by Harakiri, stunning. The handbags designed by Denis and produced by Fullum & Holt are freaking amazing!

IMGP1945 IMGP1953
I was worried when I heard there would be colour and jersey, but damn, it’s so drool worthy. It was a great show to finish off fashion week, and my favourite if you haven’t figured that out from the gushing yet. Everything was perfect for the show: the styling, models, music, accessories and clothing.

IMGP1941 IMGP1919
I love Denis’s dark vision for the collection. This is draping done well. I have to find someway to own a piece of this collection, someway. I wouldn’t mind a handbag either.

I wanted to meet Denis at his afterparty but I didn’t get a chance. This week has been pretty busy and I was damn tired and had an early Saturday morning to deal with.