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LGFW SS11: Denis Gagnon

LGFW SS2011 Denis Gagnon-5566

Denis Gagnon never disappoints. His spring summer 2011 collection wowed the audience on Friday. It begs the question, why is Denis still showing in Canada? I really think he could hit up a capital and I hope he does. The man needs to be a household name in the fashion industry worldwide. His work makes me weep that I’m not wealthy enough to own it all.

LGFW SS2011 Denis Gagnon-5172

Stripes, chains, zippers and string were the major themes. Stripes can be hard to wear sometimes but Denis Gagnon strategically used angles to ensure the best possible silhouette. String is back from the previous season and thank god for that. Those looks have so much movement to them, it’s mesmerizing. All I can think about is dancing in them and how much fun it would be. It was a primarily black and white collection but there were dresses in green, blue, orange and silver. Ombre dipped string added a beautiful effect to dresses down the runway.

LGFW SS2011 Denis Gagnon-5426

The models weren’t very strong and you could see their hesitation with the special made double platform heels. The models were a minor distraction most people including myself were staring at the clothing. The chain detail is so intricate and special. I wonder how much time is needed to create a piece like this. I saw a few pieces of the collection up close and personal at Holt Renfrew for the personal appearance. Amazing is the only way to describe it, absolutely amazing. I will have to play dress up in Holt’s come spring. Denis Gagnon is always part of that game for me.

LGFW SS2011 Denis Gagnon-5414

The styling was perfect for the collection. I didn’t notice the facial piercings on some of the models until looking at the photos. It works for this urban tribal world Denis has created. Someone pointed out to the hair at Alexander Wang’s NYC show. At first glance I could see similarities. The model’s hair incorporates braids in this style and it just looks better. There isn’t any awful white paint. Denis created all the amazing handbags shown this season. I was drooling over all of them, especially the fringy ones. Denis does know how to design a handbag as seen with his Fullum & Holt collaboration a few years back. I suspect he had something to do with the jewellery too this season.

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