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Dior Homme – Spring Summer 2009

Dior Homme – Spring Summer 2009 “I like it. It’s like Mark Ronson and Kanye West dressed Justin Timberlake… and somehow Dolly Parton’s best bedazzler got thrown into the mix on a pair of hideous golden pants.” , TFS member KhaoticKharma. I think if you would wear these sunglasses, you would like this collection. However, it’s getting trashed on thefashionspot.

geekiviews: Sex in the City movie

Yes, even though I really don’t care, I saw Sex in the City. I knew that MJ would want me to see it with him. We went on Saturday, the theater was empty and the butter was real. The movie was way too long, painfully long. The storyline was predictably awful, but there were a few really good laughs. That theme song, hideous. That pretty much sums up the average Sex in the City fan to me, people who think Fergie is cool. The moving going crowd was fantastic, there wasn’t a short skirt or a stiletto in the place. The fashion was the only reason I cared and it was pretty intense. MJ and I played “what’s she wearing” the whole time. The product placement was totally ridiculous and I wonder how much money changed hands. Most of the outfits were just awful. The fashion show scene was completely laughable. I always hate fashion show scenes in movies (except Zoolander). People really identify with this movie. Is it true women go to New York …

Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume

I love the ROM and I’m so lucky to be on the receiving end of their hospitality. The Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume presents highlights from the ROM’s renowned collection of over 50,000 textile and costume artifacts, in a display of approximately 200 pieces dating from the 1st millennium BC to the 21st century AD. Outstanding examples include Chinese imperial costume, late Antique and early Islamic textiles from Egypt, western fashion from the Baroque period to the present day and early Canadian coverlets. These illustrate the extensive transformations in the design and technology of textiles and clothing throughout the past three millennia. Due to conservation considerations, the artifacts are to be changed on a regular basis. The Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume is located on the 4th floor of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal and it is the final gallery to be added to the space. The gallery will feature highlights from their massive collection of over 50,000 artifacts. The current exhibit features 200 artifacts dating from 200 BC. Patricia was a …

A blog.mode fav post – John Galliano for Dior

John Galliano (British, born Gibraltar, 1960) for Christian Dior Couture (French, founded 1947). “Creation” Ensemble, fall/winter 2005–6. Beige silk satin, white polyester batting, nude synthetic net, beige cotton braided laces, blue pieced silk with chenille, rhinestone, hammered silver metal, filé, and bead embroidery à la disposition; white leather; beige nylon, polyester batting, and silver metal and pearl hardware with knotted blue silk ribbons. Purchase, The Dorothy Strelsin Foundation Inc. Gift, 2006 (2006.22a–d) blog.mode – Constructing Couture image: EDIT: The image didn’t display yesterday so I reposted correctly.

I can’t believe that I’m bored by the Christian Dior Spring Summer 2008 Haute Couture collection

I’ve said it. John has officially bored me. It’s like I’ve been seeing the same collection for the past few seasons, with no real movement forward. Don’t get me wrong, the garments are made to perfection and the details are incredible. I’m just bored with this, even with the Klimt references. That’s really damn hard to do, Klimt is my favourite artist! That being said, there are a few pieces that I liked. (Click on thumbnails for larger images) I did get a kick out of the hats and amazing makeup job. I really shouldn’t pass final judgment until I see the video. images: thefashionspot and

Carnivale of Couture: Dream Bags by Pursed Lips

Pursed Lips’ Carnivale of Couture: Dream Bags This is a fun Carnivale of Couture about handbags. Designer Ella asks 2 questions. 1. If you were to only have the allowance for one Big Name designer IT Bag, what would it be? (This is a dream to many with the allowance for none!) Choosing one bag is so hard. I really love the Fendi Spy bag. ($2,100.00) But I really like the Chloe Paddington too. This one in lizard is very interesting. ($7,200.00)