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Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall – Winter 2013 – 2014

The Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall – Winter 2013 – 2014 collection made me sit up and take notice this year. No it wasn’t because of the clothing, it was the models. The Black Models. Like, finally. Dior has been incredibly lily white since Raf Simons took over. It was a very different to John Galliano’s way of doing things that was a bit more inclusive. Raf isn’t off the hook and I’m not applauding Dior for anything. I’m just happy to look at these beautiful women. Like, Yasmin walked the damn show. That’s awesome. You can watch the Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall – Winter 2013 – 2014 fashion show below. I liked a lot of the clothing too and you can see the rest of the photos for the Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall – Winter 2013 – 2014 collection on

Schiaparelli Haute Couture by Christian Lacroix Fall – Winter 2013 – 2014

Christian Lacroix kicks off the revival of the House of Schiaparelli with a Haute Couture collection for the Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 season. Every season the House of Schiaparelli will be inviting a different artist to create a Haute Couture collection. These collections aren’t for sale and purely for the love of Couture (and great advertising to boot). There are a couple of videos out that show the collection and interviews with the designer and Schiaparelli spokespeople. The video below is an interview with Christian Lacroix with Suzy Menkes. I think my favourite part of the collection is the hats. Schiaparelli Fall 2013 Couture Collection on

Miu Miu Fall – Winter 2013 – 2014 Ad Campaign and Video

The Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 ad campaigns are starting to come out and so far Miu Miu is my favourite. There are some really striking images in the campaign. The love the way the colours seem so saturated and leap off the page. Evoking a spirit of adventure and daring, the Fall/Winter 2013 campaign captures the passage of girls in a twilight cinema-scape loaded with intrigue, imagination and femininity. Set at the end of a seaside pier, their stories unfurl against a mysterious cityscape and vanishing horizon, brought to life in an up-tempo quirky dance video where the models move harmoniously with the rhythm and mood of the music. While standing on the dock of the bay waiting for a ferry, they dance away the fun of the night before returning home in the early morning. In a fabricated reality of noir optimism, Inez & Vinoodh capture a diverse and exhilarating cast of characters including Katlin Aas, Emily DiDonato, Daphne Groeneveld, Georgia May Jagger, Adriana Lima, Marina Nery, Hind Sahli, Anne Verhallen and Lindsey …

Vawk for eBay – August 12 – September 15, 2013

Sunny Fong of VAWK has teamed up with eBay Canada to launch a seven piece limited edition collection called Vawk for eBay on August 12, 2013. Everything will be priced under $120 and will be available at Buy It Now pricing until September 15, 2013. I got the scoop on inventory and it’s really limited, if you have some favourites you need to purchase on August 12th. An added bonus is that eBay is providing free shipping. The Manta shift dress at $119 is a steal and my favourite piece of the collection. There is something for the guys too with the Duo leather skinny tie at $69. images: courtesy of eBay Canada

Isabel Marant x H&M

H&M just announced their latest designer collaboration will be with Isabel Marant. I think this collaboration has the potential to be the biggest one yet. It will be interesting to see Isabel Marant doing H&M instead of the usual H&M doing Isabel Marant. The collection will hit stores November 14, 2013 and will feature clothing and accessories for women and teenagers. For the first time ever, Isabel will designer a menswear collection. The collection should hit the usual suspect of Eaton Centre, Yorkdale and Bloor Street but watch this space for updates. “I am flattered by this collaboration. H&M works with the best designers, and this invitation is an exciting honour. I aim at creating something real – something women want to wear in their everyday lives, with a certain carefree style. I think this is very Parisian: you dress up, but don’t pay too much attention to it, and you still look sexy. The collection is infused with this kind of easiness and attitude. Everything can be combined following one’s own instincts, and my …

Prada Fall Winter 2013 – 2014

Prada lost me for the spring summer 2013 collection. I couldn’t get past the awful shoes and not so inspired Japanese references. The Prada Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 collection is beautiful. It has some Prada quirk but it was completely wearable and mature. Not your Grandmother’s mature but grown ass woman looking hot mature. Miuccia Prada booked Mariacarla Boscono for the show and the only thing that would have made this it perfect would have been an appearance by Sasha Pivovarova. images:

Ohne Titel Fall Winter 2013 – 2014

Do something geometric and I’m probably going to like it. If the designers are Ohne Titel doing something geometric means I’m going to love it. The Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 Ohne Titel collection is called “Optimistic minimalism”. Designers Flora Gill and Alexa Adams took inspiration from their friend, artist Tauba Auerbach. Tauba’s cavases of woven twill tape provided the common thread that permeated the collection. I loved everything about this collection from the repeating pattern, muted colour palette and knitwear. The shoes are perfectly suited to this slightly futurist collection. The quilting fits in perfectly with the grid pattern. Thankfully there is a full fashion available for the Ohne Titel Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 collection images:

Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2013 – 2014

This season’s Alexander McQueen fall winter 2013 – 2014 collection was only 10 looks. Sarah Burton is pregnant so they scaled down the collection. When I saw the photos initially I was like, “WTF, there are only 10 looks” then I saw the video. My “WTF there are only 10 looks” turned into “Holy Shit what wondrous and magical 10 looks”. This pearl encrusted Alexander McQueen fall winter 2013 – 2014 collection took influences from the Virgin Queen Elizabeth I, the Ballets Russes and ecclesiastical dress. The result is stunning costume but I have no idea what we’ll see in stores come the fall. I still think that Alexander McQueen is a little one trick pony these days. The line seems stagnant and stuck in a rut. I see a lot of the same silhouettes with different treatments season to season. That’s not to say the house doesn’t produce exquisite clothing, it’s does, I’m just kinda bored. That being said, this collection was hands down incredible. images:

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2013 -2014 Fashion Show

The Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 runway show was incredible. Marc Jacobs and team create a perfectly cohesive intimates as daywear collection and presented the collection in the perfect setting, a hotel. A number of doors lined the edges of the circular runway and a group of models would walk out of the doors and proceed around the runway. The finale group included Kate Moss and my personal favourite Mariacarla Boscono. The video of the collection must be seen. I love the giant corporate giants and their huge show budgets when they put on shows like this. Marc Jacobs, still love this man. This collection is takes the whole pajama dressing style to the next level. I’m not normally a slip dress lover but the velvet, lace and embroidery is just to beautiful to resist. images: Louis Vuitton | Fall Winter 2013/2014 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive – YouTube.

Marc Jacobs Fall – Winter 2013 – 2014 Fashion Show

Marc Jacobs and I are getting along very well this year. I loved his striped extravaganza that was the Spring Summer 2013 collection. The Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 Marc Jacobs fashion show was epic. In the middle of a circular runway was a giant glowing orb hanging. It was like a Red Giant star and models walking around where the planets. Marc is really into the Pajama dressing this season at Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. He’s the type of designer that can convert my indifferent feelings into interest. I have this thing for Hot Pants right now after buying a pair from Clover Canyon. Marc Jacobs showed some really great ones in this show, but the most of them were changed to skirts for the ordering public. The Moda Operandi Trunk Show for Marc Jacobs is over but you can still pre-order some select looks from the Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 collection on They ship to Canada now too.

Mary Katrantzou Fall Winter 2013 – 2014

I usually only post about my favourite collections of the fashion weeks. The Mary Katrantzou Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 collection a favourite not because I loved most of the looks. It’s a favourite because Mary did something I didn’t expect this season, she changed. I’ve anticipated this move since the Katrantzou print influence took over the fashion world. The typical Katrantzou print was out and photos by Edward Steichen, Clarence White, and Alfred Stieglitz were in. She explored new, angular shapes with some Japanese influences and toned down the colour. There was a lot of black in the collection. I appreciate the risks she took with this collection. The backstage photos posted on the Mary Katrantzou Facebook page should change anyone’s opinion of the collection, it’s just beautiful. “I wanted to step back from color and print and contemplate shapes and silhouettes. It was important for me to take that time,” she said. It was the first season we draped on the stand in a very complex way.” (source) Mary has commercial avenues with …

Prabal Gurung Fall Winter 2013 – 2014

The Prabal Gurung Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 fashion show was EPIC. I’m totally blown away and my minor interest in Prabal is now a full blown addiction. Every look is just perfection. The show had strong military themes which means fashion boner for Anita. I’m gaga for military influenced clothing. Prabal really created the modern woman warrior uniform here. Of course everything looks better in video Can we talk about the shoes? I thought I wasn’t interested in the gladiator stiletto boots. That was until Prabal Gurung created the ultimate versions. No words. If you really want to geek out over Prabal Gurung’s Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 collection, head over to Moda Operandi and get zooming on all the details. His trunkshow runs till February 20, 2013. images:,

Louise Goldin Fall Winter 2013 – 2014

London trained designer Louise Goldin is a permanent fixture on the New York Fashion Week scene after moving in 2011. This season, her second in New York was Kayne free (yay) and left Louise to bask in her own glory. Louise is a knitwear god and the winter season is all about the knitwear for me. It’s easily my favourite part of winter. The Louise Goldin collection mixed knits with leather and featured some strong prints. Here collection was inspired by fighting warriors. Trapunto quilting is used in the must have cropped sweaters and jackets giving it an amour feel. Victorian collars were blending with the knits in unique ways. ‘I wanted them to be handsome women,’ Goldin said backstage. ‘I love this sort of masculine but charming woman, that was both elegant yet cool.’ (source) A Shaded View on Fashion has some great photos where you can see the details of Louise’s knitwear. You can also see the full Louise Goldin Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 fashion show here. I learned from Cathy Horn …