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Cover Critiques at Masthead Online, March 2010

Cover Critiques at Masthead Online, March 2010 has a feature called Cover Critiques. It takes two magazine covers and asks members of the industry to critique them. I was asked to provide my input for the March 2010 issues of Fashion and Flare. Read everyone answers at Cover Critiques on This critique was pretty hilarious from my standpoint. I’m a subscriber to Fashion Magazine but not Flare. However, I bought the March 2010 issue of Flare because there is a picture of me in it. I’m on page 150!

Italy at Your Feet VIP Cocktail

I was invited to the “Italy at Your Feet” VIP cocktail, presented by Browns, the Italian Trade Commission (I.C.E) and ANCI (Associazione Nazionale Calzaturieri Italiani) by Fashion Magazine. It was hosted by Browns at the flagship Bloor street location. It was a great excuse to celebrate Italian shoes, drink Prosecco and eat delicious, delicious prosciutto. See the complete slideshow Photos Taken by Paul Baik for I want – I got

geekiviews: Vera Wang Look

I went to the launch of Vera Wang’s new perfume, Look. It was sponsored by Fashion Magazine and held at Panorama. It was a fun event and I spent time with friends and enjoyed the view. That’s me in the picture at the bar. Yup, the mustard tights. Love them! The skirt was a present from the owner of Print Vintage. It was originally a halter top dress that was unwearable. She couldn’t sell it and gave it to me one day when I was buying a dress. I got my handy sewing friend Danielle ( to turn it into a skirt. It’s pretty kick ass. There was a large ice sculpture display for the launch to show off the glass prism characteristics of the bottle. The ad campaign doesn’t bother me and that’s a very rare thing for perfume. Coty developed the fragrance. I’m by no means a perfume expert so I’ll let them describe it for you: Look was created in cooperation with Firmenich. It introduces notes of mandarin, watery greens, litchi and …