Subway Jumping

I was coming home on the subway after Canada beat the US for gold and I ran into a friend Arieh Singer. He had obviously been partying during the day and was taking drunken photographs of his wife and her sister on the subway. He asked me if I wanted to take part and of course I said yes. Here is the result of that fooling around.

Subway Jumping with Anita by Arieh Singer

I’m in love with this picture, but I happen to love photos where I’m jumping for some reason.

I’m wearing: Hunter boots, Rick Owens Jacket, Alexander Wang snood, Elizabeth and James pants.

image: Arieh Singer

Hunter is watching me on the web

Hunter Boots finally got it’s act together and updated their website. It’s much nicer now, easier to navigate, better pictures and fast. They’ve even have a spot on their site that aggregates blogs posts, youtube videos and flickr pictures that mention Hunter Boots. I noticed a bunch of traffic coming from the hunter site and I found out that they linked to me and it was front and center of the main “Hunter On The Web” section.

The only thing that bugs me about the site is that the store locater is for the UK only. However, the North American Distributor is based out of Toronto

Man Made Sales Inc
1200 Sheppard Ave East
Suite 405
Toronto, Ontario, M2K 2S6
Tel: 416 756 2820
Fax: 416 756 9664

Contact them about availability around the country as I’ve only spoken about a few places in Toronto.

Hunter Boots in Toronto

Well, well, everyone wants Hunter boots now. Even my friend MJ jumped on the bandwagon which totally surprised me. You should see the looks we get when he’s wearing his black ones and I’m wearing my blue ones. We look like a crazy couple that dresses alike, thought MJ is the better dressed one.

Just to let the guys know, Hunter’s are a unisex boot. So if anyone tells you they are a girl’s boot, they are completely wrong. Make sure you let them know that the Duke of Wellington is rolling in his grave at the suggestion.

So here is an updated list for where to buy Hunter boots aka Wellys in Toronto

Get Outside – They carry a range of colours. I really want a yellow pair.

Heel Boy – Carrys Hunters in a variety of colours. The website is annoying – content not music people. It looks half finished. That being said, it’s a great store for shoes.

The Bay apparently is carrying them also.

If you’ve seen Hunters around, please leave a comment.

Update: New Stores

Holt Renfrew
Ciara’s Casual Chic
New Update: (sept 13, 2008) –Little Burgandy
New Update: (Oct 24, 2009) Browns