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geekiviews: Lancome Ôscillation Powerbooster

Someone asked me if my eyelashes were fake on Saturday at Shinan’s Boldface Names Party. I knew I had to get my but in gear and post about the Lancome Ôscillation Powerbooster. It’s a godsend. My lovely friends at L’Oreal Canada send me a sample of Lancome Ôscillation Powerbooster. I’m not a fan of primers in general. My Double Extend Beauty Tube experience didn’t change my mind about primers either.  However, a primer based on Ôscillation technology had me instantly interested. I’m a big, big fan of Ôscillation by Lancôme. I was excited about a primer with the same type…

geekiviews: Lancôme Paris Perfecting and Setting Mineral Powder

Lancôme Paris Perfecting and Setting Mineral Powder My friends at Lancôme Canada sent me two of the latest additions to their makeup line, Skin-Transforming Mineral Powder Foundation and Perfecting and Setting Mineral Powder. Ageless Minérale, the brand’s first brightening mineral foundation that brushes away the signs of aging. Ageless Minérale includes White Sapphire Complex, the newest innovation from the Lancôme Laboratories. The complex is comprised of a special combination of ingredients including Bismuth Oxychloride, Mica, Alumina, Aloe and Vitamin E. Working in conjunction, these ingredients help blur wrinkles, cover imperfections and visibly erase pores and lines. The SPF 21 keeps…

geekiviews: Lancome Pink Irreverence Spring 2009


Before the holiday break I was send a package that contained the new Lancome Pink Irreverence Spring 2009 collection. I really did squeal when I opened the package, black and pink OMG. This is the first collection with the new make-up Artistic Director, Aaron De Mey.

This collection is cantered on a radical duo of strong colours: pure fuchsia, in homage to the emblematic rose, and sparkling black, inspired by the volcanic sands of Piha Beach in New Zealand, from where Aaron De Mey originates.

“I love opposites and extremes, the clash of colours and textures”, explains Aaron De Mey. “I chose this vibrant fuchsia as a tribute to the Lancôme rose. As for Piha Black, apart from the black-sanded beaches where I grew up, this colour also echoes a multitude of references which have influenced my work: the punk culture of London in the 70s, the smoky eyes of Marlene Dietrich who created her own black by burning a cork …”

Price list from left to right in above photo:

  • Le Vernis – Piha Black $20 (Limited Edition)
  • Laque Liner -, Pure Black $29 (Limited Edition) and Piha Sparkle $29 (Limited Edition)
  • Color Fever Gloss – Piha Black $29 (Limited Edition)
  • Pink Punk and Black Palette – Irreverent Madame $52 (Limited Edition)
  • Laque Fever – Furious in Fuchsia $32 (Limited Edition) and Pink my Ride $32 (Limited Edition)

Lancome Pink Irreverence Spring 2009

Laque Fever
The fruit of six years of research, the Lancôme Laboratories have developed an exclusive formula for Laque Fever…Laque Fever is a concentrate of pure, vibrant and ultra-shine colour, which offers ultimate lasting hold for 6 hours. Concentrated in colour pigments, the Laque Fever formula smoothes lips and adorns them in pure colour, with perfect coverage. Rich in pearly pigments which vibrantly reflect the light, Laque Fever creates a unique multi-dimensional effect, for never-before-seen shine. Its fluid texture also ensures long-lasting comfort.

For an optimal make-up result and glide-on application, Lancôme has designed the Soft Sculpt high-definition applicator which also ensures impeccable lip contour definition…Feminine and delicate, Laque Fever’s fragrance opens with a fresh harmony of bergamot and lychee, carried by voluptuous middle notes of rose, raspberry and apple, rounded off with a luxurious wave of white musk and vanilla

I really do like the Laque Fever and the applicator. My favourite colour alone is Furious in Fuchsia. Pink my Ride is way too frosted pink for me to be wearing alone. The lip colour does stay on for a long time, but it is drying and I would use a gloss for it. The smell as pleasant as the description.

geekiviews: More thoughts on Ocillation by Lancome

I’m drinking the koolaid hard. The more and more I use the Ôscillation by Lancôme the more I like it. The main reason I love this mascara so much is the consistent results. My lashes look the same every time I apply. I’m not a big fan of the clumpy mascara look and I really like the application of the product. They are thin, long and separated. There is a Canadian website now, The product will be at The Bay from December 6, 2008. I missed out on the Ôscillation One Day Sale on Thursday November 20th at,…

geekiviews: Oscillation, Mascara by Lancome

I had a day off work so I attend the preview of the new Lancôme mascara. Ôscillation, Mascara by Lancôme. So the whole buzz about this mascara is that it vibrates. That knowledge brought out a lot of comments about eye poking and other injuries from most people. It’s not actually like that. The technology is nothing like your electric toothbrush. The brush oscillates at 7,000 vibrations per minute. Partner this action with a specially made formula and there you go. The oscillation aspect of the brush was chosen in order to mimic the way professional makeup artists would apply…