IDS09 Favourite Things: 5×5: 5 Designers. 5 Inspired Spaces – 64th & Queen – Rec Room Redux

IDS09 Favourite Things: 5x5: 5 Designers.  5 Inspired Spaces - 64th & Queen - Rec Room Redux

64th and Queen created the ultimate recroom. I loved the black and white colour scheme and the light fixtures.

IDS09 Favourite Things: 5x5: 5 Designers.  5 Inspired Spaces - 64th & Queen - Rec Room Redux

I thought 64th and Queen did a great job, then I figured out why. They are the team that put on the Valentino and DSquared2 fashion shows in Toronto. They also designed L’Oreal Fashion Week and the Queen West shop Jacflash.

IDS09 Favourite Things: 5x5: 5 Designers.  5 Inspired Spaces - 64th & Queen - Rec Room Redux

The bed was raised off the ground, love it!

IDS09 Favourite Things: 5x5: 5 Designers.  5 Inspired Spaces - 64th & Queen - Rec Room ReduxIDS09 Favourite Things: 5x5: 5 Designers.  5 Inspired Spaces - 64th & Queen - Rec Room Redux

Photos taken by Paul Baik –

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – geekigirl’s Top Collections

So I’m going to do what I never do, break down my top collections from L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009. This is of course based on the shows I attended. These are the collections that moved me the most. The collections that made me thank god for attending the tents that night. The collections that make me salivate at the mouth.

Denis Gagnon – This collection is really what my fashion dreams are made of. Hauntingly beautiful with that slightly dark twist I love. Box it all up and ship it home.

Morales – Architectural, sculptural, colourful. Something different from every day fair.

Evan Biddell – Streetwear done right. Finally, someone has me interested again. Streetwear has fallen off my radar as of late.

Greta Constantine – statement dress makers. While I’m not down with the colour palette, there’s no denying those shapes.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Denis Gagnon

I could have boxed up every piece of Denis Gagnon’s collection yesterday and taken it home. I loved everything. Well, everything but the gold lame stuff, not a fan of gold. It was a leather and jersey dream. The jewelry by Harakiri, stunning. The handbags designed by Denis and produced by Fullum & Holt are freaking amazing!

IMGP1945 IMGP1953
I was worried when I heard there would be colour and jersey, but damn, it’s so drool worthy. It was a great show to finish off fashion week, and my favourite if you haven’t figured that out from the gushing yet. Everything was perfect for the show: the styling, models, music, accessories and clothing.

IMGP1941 IMGP1919
I love Denis’s dark vision for the collection. This is draping done well. I have to find someway to own a piece of this collection, someway. I wouldn’t mind a handbag either.

I wanted to meet Denis at his afterparty but I didn’t get a chance. This week has been pretty busy and I was damn tired and had an early Saturday morning to deal with.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Lucian Matis

Lucian Matis put on one of the more interesting shows at L’Oreal Fashion Week. I really enjoyed his pixelated print pieces. Some of the pearl encrusted pieces were very nice, especially the one with the back detail but a few felt a little over done. I wasn’t a big fan of the pieces with the face print and I’m not even too sure who the print is of. The runway music was very sweet and fit with the collection.

IMGP1841 IMGP1826
Of course, Lucian being Lucian he had a bride finale. It was quite beautiful but it didn’t fit in with the themes already established. The bride thing is kinda over done, but I have to admit I kinda liked it. After all, I did miss Alfred Sung earlier in the week.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Damzels in this Dress/Play Dead Cult

Damzels in this Dress and Play Dead Cult always put on a fun show. Their models have energy and they play to the camera.

IMGP1498 IMGP1516
Damzels went into the print business and their 50s rockabilly sensibilities got a new twist. They also rocked up the negligee.

IMGP1546 IMGP1543
Play Dead stepped up the game and brought some really great dresses into the mix of tshirts and denim. I really, really loved the skull dress.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Mellinda-Mae Harlingten

I am not the target market for the Mellinda-Mae Harlingten collection. She wears headbands and probably reads Nylon. I wear headbands when playing squash only and they are of the terrycloth persuasion. Only standout items for me were the green tiered ruffle dress and a cropped hoodie. The dude who came out shirtless in gold lame leggings and heels was hilarious. Completely terrifying and disturbing but hilarious.


L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Morales

I really enjoyed the Morales show. It had shades of Rodarte. It was the collection I’ve been waiting for all week. I do hope she provided credit to Yoshitomo Nara for his designs, it would be horrible if he wasn’t properly credited.

IMGP1712 IMGP1697

IMGP1714 IMGP1720

IMGP1738 IMGP1733

IMGP1706 IMGP1716

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L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Rudsak


Rudsak listened to my advice and I think they edited the collection down, it’s usually a long death march of leather in every style and colour. I enjoyed this season. The cropped motorcycle jackets are damn cute. Please note, the leather pants and shorts are just styling props. The pants are very nice though.

IMGP1757 IMGP1755

IMGP1750 IMGP1771

IMGP1774 IMGP1770

IMGP1762 IMGP1761

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L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Zoran Dobric

Zoran Dobric is an amazing print maker. I love his prints and this season is no different. This season was based on the book Orlando by Virginia Woolf. I haven’t read it and didn’t have a frame of reference for the interpretation. Come to think of it, I haven’t read any Virginia Woolf. So I looked it up, it makes sense now and fits perfectly into Zoran’s aesthetic.

Orlando tells the story of a young man named Orlando, born in England during the reign of Elizabeth I, who decides not to grow old. He does not, and he passes through the ages as a young man … until he wakes up one morning to find that he has metamorphosed into a woman — the same person, with the same personality and intellect, but in a woman’s body. The remaining centuries up to the time the book was written are seen through a woman’s eyes.

Zoran partnered with accessory designer, Mirjana Scepanovic, who has already made her way onto this blog as an “i want”. His shows are very stoic , I really want to see the life oozing out of the models to bring those prints to life.

IMGP1435 IMGP1395

IMGP1398 IMGP1399

IMGP1400 IMGP1414

IMGP1416 IMGP1428

IMGP1431 IMGP1437

IMGP1454 IMGP1467

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L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Evan Biddell

IMGP1581 IMGP1553
IMGP1582 IMGP1606

Evan Biddell put on a great show at LFW. I definitely enjoyed it and saw some really cute pieces. The dhoti style pants are gorgeous. He’s taken a lesson from the Japanese masters and my favourite drop-crotch makers Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto.

IMGP1579 IMGP1604
The eyelet jumper looked amazing on the runway.

IMGP1597 IMGP1584
I didn’t like the gingham pieces. The skirt volume was clunky and didn’t fall in line with the rest of the collection. The short shorts were a little too American Apparel for me, especially after all the amazing pants.

IMGP1565 IMGP1566 IMGP1570 IMGP1563
I can’t say anything bad about men in skirts (no, seriously)

Overall great little streetwear collection; polished. Models were a lot of fun and it was an entertaining show.

The rest of my awful pictures are here and you can see some here .

On a side note, I’ve had discussions with some people about Biddell’s dhoti pant. While I think he’s done a great job producing them and he’s even got me eyeing a pair, the average woman is going to stay away from this trend. Most of the people who disagree with me on this point are men usually. It’s not like I don’t have facts to back me up.

The one trend most retailers agreed could go away: Harem pants. (WWD SS09 NYC Buyers Report via The Fashion Spot)

It’s an unforgiving pant that doesn’t wear easily.

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L’Oreal Fashion Week – TFI Party at the Drake

IMGP1263 IMGP1260IMGP1262 IMGP1261

On Monday, October 20th, 2008, The Drake Hotel will be celebrating young Canadian fashion. The party begins at 10pm in the Lounge where guests can enjoy music featuring a special TFI guest DJ and the chance to celebrate Canadian fashion with fashion designers, industry guests, and celebrities.

Guest DJ Gail McInnes played our favourite fashion favourites.

L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Holt Renfrew celebrates Canadian Fashion

After a season off the Holt Renfrew celebrates Canadian Fashion event was back on the LFW schedule. This is one of my favourite events of fashion week. It gives you the ability to see the clothing up close and meet the designers.

This season it was hosted by Adrian Mainella of Fashion File instead of the free for all type atmosphere that was present in previous ventures. A clothing designer was paired up with a jewelry designer to showcase the work. There was a little Q&A session with each designer pair conducted by Adrian.

First to show was partners in crime, Greta Constantine and Dandi Maestre. I’m a big fan of the designers work. They really complemented each other in the presentation, which was different from the runway show where I thought Danni’s accessories overpowered the clothing. Get rid of the handbags and what do you know, balance is once again restored. I had a bit of bias at the show too because I was lucky enough to get a preview of the Greta collection at their studio. Maybe I wouldn’t have noticed so much if everything was new to me.

Next up was Dean Davidson and Jeremy Laing. I’m also a fan of both designers. Regular readers of my blog know that I love Jeremy big time. Dean’s signature brushed metal finish makes his jewelry a winner in my books too. It was great to see the green and yellow dress in person. It was my favourite of the spring 2009 collection.

The final pairing was Mikhael Kale and Jaleh Farhadpour. Jaleh is all about the diamonds and precious stones. The black diamond bracelet (pictured above) is quite beautiful. Mikhael showed three dresses which I found a little surprising. There wasn’t any of his rock and roll tough girl pieces. I loved the black dress pictured above. They actually appeared on the runway at the LG Fashion Fusion party.

I liked the new format as it gave the audience a chance to hear the designers talk about their inspiration and process. The audience, in typical Canadian style, was very shy and no one asked the designers any questions.

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i want: Kidrobot Project MUNNY by Common Cloth

Kidrobot Project MUNNY Common Cloth

There were a lot of good MUNNYs but I liked Common Cloth’s the best.

This one-of-a-kind custom-designed 8″ MUNNY was created exclusively for the Project MUNNY charity auction by Canadian designer, Common Cloth. Debuted at a super spectacular event at CiRCA during Toronto’s L’Oreal Fashion Week, this iconic doll figure from Kidrobot is being auctioned to raise money for War Child Canada.

Name and Description
“Black Star”
The inspiration for this MUNNY are the following three statements:

Simple is enough excess
Common is uncommon
Love uncomplicated

Runners Up
Damzels in this Dress

Greta Constantine


Lucian Matis

And don’t forget the Karl Munny

Toronto Bloggers getting props

Some of bloggers got a mention in Media In Canada, ya us!

If any sector of the blogosphere is achieving desirable-venue status in the eyes of marketers, it’s these online fashionistas. At L’Oreal Fashion Week this time around, their ranks include,,, and – whose founder, Adrian Corsin, is the only Canadian blogger to be invited by Chanel to France to attend the recent launch of a new perfume.

Bloggers take starring role at L’Oreal Fashion Week – link to full article

Media in Canada was launched by Brunico Communications Inc. in August 2004.
From research and audience measurement innovation to ratings impact and spend trends, Media in Canada covers the gamut of media biz news and identifies new media opportunities.
Both an email newsletter and a website, Media In Canada is a key resource for media buyers and planners, marketers and media sellers, providing a heads-up on property launches and changes in all media, including TV network programming and schedules.