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L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 – Zoran Dobric

Zoran Dobric is an amazing print maker. I love his prints and this season is no different. This season was based on the book Orlando by Virginia Woolf. I haven’t read it and didn’t have a frame of reference for the interpretation. Come to think of it, I haven’t read any Virginia Woolf. So I looked it up, it makes sense now and fits perfectly into Zoran’s aesthetic.

Orlando tells the story of a young man named Orlando, born in England during the reign of Elizabeth I, who decides not to grow old. He does not, and he passes through the ages as a young man … until he wakes up one morning to find that he has metamorphosed into a woman — the same person, with the same personality and intellect, but in a woman’s body. The remaining centuries up to the time the book was written are seen through a woman’s eyes.

Zoran partnered with accessory designer, Mirjana Scepanovic, who has already made her way onto this blog as an “i want”. His shows are very stoic , I really want to see the life oozing out of the models to bring those prints to life.

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