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Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2013 -2014 Fashion Show

The Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2013 – 2014 runway show was incredible. Marc Jacobs and team create a perfectly cohesive intimates as daywear collection and presented the collection in the perfect setting, a hotel. A number of doors lined the edges of the circular runway and a group of models would walk out of the doors and proceed around the runway. The finale group included Kate Moss and my personal favourite Mariacarla Boscono. The video of the collection must be seen. I love the giant corporate giants and their huge show budgets when they put on shows like this. Marc Jacobs, still love this man. This collection is takes the whole pajama dressing style to the next level. I’m not normally a slip dress lover but the velvet, lace and embroidery is just to beautiful to resist. images: Louis Vuitton | Fall Winter 2013/2014 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive – YouTube.

Madness is part of Life by Ernesto Neto at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo

I came across this interesting exhibition called Madness is part of Life by Ernesto Neto which is being hosted at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo on the site the other day. I thought it was pretty damn cool and wanted to share it. Ernesto Neto is one of Brazil’s biggest contemporary artists. He creates large installations that often fill an entire space. His works are sensory intensive and works with touch, smell and sense. Through this title we would like to challenge some human positions which place us at the center of the universe, multiverse, etc. The idea that takes our mind out of our body as if it were something supernatural beyond nature, as culture would be out of nature and not part of it. Life is bigger than us and we are part of it; if there is a God, God is nature, we are a special little part, but still a part It is a sculpture from the family Balanço (Swing), made of a skin and a catwalk, this catwalk is in …

Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton Documentary

Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton Documentary

I found the Marc Jacob & Louis Vuitton documentary on Youtube. It seems to be missing the last little bit of the documentary but the quality is not bad. However it is only partially dubbed. There are no subtitles either. There is a lot of conversation in French that isn’t translated which is a bit of a shame. I will have to grab the DVD because it’s quite a fascinating movie. From Japan to America, the LV sign dominates the fashion scene. And, one man alone designs the Louis Vuitton creations—the exceptional Marc Jacobs. With unprecedented access to one of the world’s hottest and busiest designers, Loïc Prigent offers an intimate and revealing portrait of the reclusive Marc Jacobs and the world of haute couture. Whether in the offices and workrooms of Paris and New York, the back of his car, or backstage at a fashion show, we see a genius at work. Jacobs endures unimaginable pressure to chart new paths in fashion as he straddles the demands of the Louis Vuitton conglomerate and his …

Vintage Marc Jacobs in Documentary Form

Vintage Marc Jacobs in Documentary Form

I found this vintage Marc Jacobs documentary though someone I follow on twitter named Erich Ben. He has a great collection of YouTube fashion videos. The documentary starts from the beginning of Marc Jacobs’ career and stops at the beginning of his early Louis Vuitton days. Marc is so young in these videos. It’s interesting to compare this early Marc Jacobs to the current one. Do you guys remember some classic Marc Jacobs styles? The pony tail and headband are here for the viewing. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

i want: Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Accessories

Something is very wrong with me, I like some of the handbag offering from Louis Vuitton this season. I’m usually someone that only likes the Damier Azur canvas. I don’t know, maybe it was the music from the Spring 2010 show or the colours, but some of these bags are looking good. Forget about the price for a moment as they are astronomical and just look at the fun design. I think it’s the colour schemes that gets me. The colours are vibrant and well matched. images:

I like the LV Astronauts Core Values Ad

What a relief from Madonna’s crotch this Louis Vuitton ad is. I have to admit I really enjoy this picture with the three space traveling trailblazers Sally Ride, Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovell. The core values ads do a good job hiding Louis Vuitton, the viewer ends up concentrating on the people in those shots then the handbags. image:

Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear – Fall 2009 – 2010

I wasn’t a fan of Marc Jacobs this year. He redeemed himself with Louis Vuitton. I’m so happy my girl Rose (pictured above) got to walk the show. Yes, Marc. Like the John Galliano show, I have video so I’m not going to bore you with photos. You need to see this stuff in motion. However you can see photos of the full Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 RTW collection at

Louis Vuitton Toronto Goes Grafitti

I stumbled across some news about a local grafitti artist named Skam.  He was commissioned to add some artwork to the LV wall for their Stephen Sprouse campaign.  Skam is among a number of graffiti artists that Louis Vuitton is calling on in various cities to help with this tribute.   via Skam x Louis Vuitton Toronto | Inqmnd Blog images:  

Madonna and Louis Vuitton – Spring Summer 2009

Madonna gets my approval. I was a little worried about this ad campagn. I loved the fall winter 2009 collection from Louis Vuitton and I didn’t want Madonna ruining that. I hope you people remember her Versace ads. Horrible. She seems to pull it off in these images. The result is six atmospheric pictures of a smoldering Madonna by Steven Meisel that will break in a range of fashion magazines in February. images from Memo Pad: Madonna and Marc Jacobs,

i want: Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Hightop Sneakers

Louis Vuitton is revisiting a classic, the 2001 collaboration with artist Stephen Sprouse. I am very pleased with this sneaker in the collection. It’s obnoxiously perfect, much like the Vegas shoes. I prefer the items with the graffiti lettering but I don’t like the roses. For the record, I only enjoy the only Louis Vuitton classic monogram print from Takashi Murakami and Stephen Sprouse. I’m not a fan of the print otherwise and I prefer the Damier Azur print much more. Check out Marc Jacobs talking about the collaboration on youTube. Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton are paying homage to Stephen Sprouse. To show their admiration for the late designer and artist, next month, Jacobs, Vuitton’s creative director, is using his hit 2001 collaboration with Sprouse for a new, limited edition collection of accessories and ready-to-wear….This comes at a time of renewed buzz about Sprouse, whose graffiti prints and Day-Glo clothes became a defining aesthetic of the early Eighties. It coincides with a retrospective — called “Rock on Mars” — at Deitch Projects’ 18 Wooster …

Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear – Spring 2009

Louis Vuitton was quite stellar this year. Marc ported the obi belts and the colour palette from his Marc Jacobs collection to LV and they look fantastic. This collection reminds me a lot of YSL’s Africa collection (which I saw parts of in Montreal). I’m sure this was intentional and perhaps a nod to the dearly missed designer. Frillr has the Runway Video for Louis Vuitton up. I downloaded it and watched it on my Nano one morning going to work. You have to see it, just amazing. You can see the whole collection at Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection on Complete Collection

Damn this is huge!

Breaking news from Fashion news, retail news, beauty news and more from Women’s Wear Daily PARIS — LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton today won a landmark victory against eBay for allowing the sale of counterfeit goods. A French court ordered eBay to pay the luxury goods giant around 40 million euros, or $63.2 million at current exchange, for selling counterfeit items on its online auction site, and for selling genuine products outside their desired retail channel. Announcing the decision after a two-year legal process, Paris’s Tribunal de Commerce cited “grave errors” on eBay’s part. Louis Vuitton received the lion’s share and was awarded 19.3 million euros, or $30.5 million; Christian Dior Couture received 17.4 million euros, or $27.5 million, and Parfums Christian Dior, Parfums Kenzo, Guerlain and Parfums Givenchy, were awarded around 3 million euros, or $4.7 million. EBay was ordered to stop selling fragrances and cosmetics from those brands immediately, or face a fine of 50,000 euros, or $79,000, a day.