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i want: Jean Paul Gaultier x Melissa

Jean Paul Gaultier x Melissa This shoe is putting me over the Melissa edge, I was tottering on it with Zaha Hadid collaboration. I wonder what it feels like on. Jean Paul Gaultier was one of the first designers to ever collaborate with Melissa back in 1982. Since then, the Brazilian brand of plastic shoes has worked with the likes of Mugler, Patrick Cox, Karim Rashid, Alexandre Herchcovitch, the Campana Brothers, and more recently Vivienne Westwood ,and Zaha Hadid. (source) image:

i want: Melissa Plastic Dreams

The more I see of these Melissa Shoes, the more I like them. The plastic thing does throws me off for anything other than an sandal. The heels have a padded footbed though, they might be comfortable. However you can’t complain about beautiful shoes like these. I love the colour and shape I’m also a fan of the pair designed by famous Architect, Zaha Hadid. They have an unusual shape too. I’ve seen Melissa shoes at various places in the city: Lavish and Squalor Little Burgundy EDIT: Holt Renfrew is now carrying the Melissa Zaha Hadid Shoes. – April 15, 2009 via images: and