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#ggatShopify – November 14, 2016: Jumpsuits in Camo

It’s November 14, 2016 and my first day at Shopify. I was so excited and nervous. This wasn’t the Bank and I didn’t know what it would be like working at a company that wasn’t over 50,000 people anymore. This is the date the #ggatShopify experiment began. I spent a lot of time deciding what to wear on the first day. It was like it was Toronto Fashion Week. I can’t remember the reasons why I chose this particular outfit outside of jumpsuits being cool and that’s enough for me. #ggatShopify – November 14, 2016 This is Shopify’s rooftop and…

TEFW – Dare To Wear Love Spring 2010

There are times when I can’t find the words to talk about a topic. It can be a fashion show, event, etc. I end up sitting on the post until it comes to me and that is why this final LG Fashion Week show review on Dare to Wear Love is so late. The Dare to Wear Love show, full of beautiful fashion, dance and music inspired by Africa. The multi-faceted collaboration is the largest public dare of the SLF’s new fundraising initiative A Dare to Remember. Recently launched, the nationwide initiative challenges Canadians to take on dares of all…