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ToyWatch Spring Summer 2011 Preview

My favourite watch company, ToyWatch came to town to show off what’s going on for spring summer 2011. I’ve been mourning my beloved Neon Chronograph Plasteramics in Atomic Orange since the clasp broke and render it unwearable. I’m awaiting a replacement and I hope it’s the same.  My wrist hasn’t been the same since. ToyWatch introduced a kids line this season. The new styles this year are solid black or solid white. This is a very big trend I’m noticing in watch land that is keeping in step with the bright colour trend. At the preview, I got to see some of the Missoni x ToyWatch collaboration. This was pretty exciting. They are a little hard to wear in my opinion but oh so very beautiful. They aren’t your everyday watch, much to pretty. Various retailers across Toronto and Canada carry ToyWatch, check the website for more info.

ToyWatch dressed by Missoni

My favourite watch company, ToyWatch, has teamed up with Missoni to launch a limited edition collection called “ToyWatch dressed by Missoni”. There are only 250 of each style produced and a few select retailers in Canada will sell these items in December. They retail for $540CAD. The retailers are: BlueBird in Vancouver, Abe & Mary’s in Montreal, Hudson’s Bay Queen Street in Toronto, Cupido in Toronto and Sophie Cosmetics & Accessories in Richmond Hill. ToyWatch watches dressed by Missoni are produced in a limited edition: six models, with three colors each, proposed with the funny foulard strap or with the more classic fabric strap with leather buckles. Only 250 pieces per model! The bond between the marks is visible also on the packaging: a stylish black box – ToyWatch’s distinguishing feature – containing a reel symbolizing the colorful yarns used by the Missoni maison. Instead of the thread, the watchstrap is wound around the reel. “This Toywatch is wound and knotted around the wrist like a band, symbolically combining with knit fabrics and textiles, distinctive …