NADA Fragrance by Aromachology

NADA Fragrance by Aromachology

Anna dello Russo wasn’t the only one launching a fragrance. Toronto based NADA used a dancing flash mob to let get the word out about her new perfume. Nada partnered with Aromachology to create the NADA fragrance.
NADA Fragrance by Aromachology

The NADA fragrance has a spicy, oriental-musk undertone of honeysuckle, ginger and saffron, and finishes with seductive top notes of lotus flower, amber and jasmine.

“I was really inspired by the fluid movement of our flowing fabrics and the seductive air of our new fragrance — dance is a natural pairing of the two. So we worked with the Ryerson Dance Program, to create something really interesting,” says Nada Shepherd, Creative Director and founder of the self-named women’s wear label. “The NADA signature fragrance is for women who are looking for something a little edgy, a little interesting, and a flash mob builds into an amazingly exciting personal experience, just like our fragrance. It’s dark and sexy just like the music and movement our choreographer Missy Morris put together” says Shepherd.

Morris hand-selected a group of over 60 dance students and choreographed a 100-second dance number that starts with just three dancers and sinuously layers in performers to the Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil. The group was flanked with over 20 fashion marketing students wearing ScanLife barcodes on branded t-shirts sampling the NADA fragrance to the entertained audience.
“The NADA fragrance is complex but cohesive, just like the performance,” says Shepherd of her personally-crafted scent, “It draws emotion, makes a woman smell good enough to eat – and what happens next is up to her.”

NADA Fragrance by Aromachology

I received a sample of the scent at the NADA spring summer 2011 fashion show.  It’s a really pleasant scent but a little too sweet for me. The NADA fragrance will be available in December at the NADA pop-up store in Toronto’s Bayview Village and online at It will retail for $149 per 100mL/3.4oz bottle.

images: courtesy of NADA

NADA Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 Future Fashion/Fashion Future in 3D

NADA Fall Winter 2010 - 2011 Future Fashion/Fashion Future in 3D
It was interesting to see a fashion presentation in a theater. NADA Fall Winter 2010 -2011 was a 3D film presentation. The first 3D fashion film presentation of its kind. Burberry’s Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 3D live stream doesn’t count because it wasn’t a film. I heard rumours that this film cost $2 million dollars leading up to the screening. That was quickly squashed in the Q&A. Nada Shepherd was thinking about Fembots and video games. The film was like an ultra fashionable Street Fighter where the women fighters had a better wardrobe selection. It had all the classic Street Fighter selection features like weapons, settings and outfits. The video was ambitious and I’m pleased to see someone switching the traditional presentation up.

NADA Fall Winter 2010 - 2011 Future Fashion/Fashion Future in 3D

The 3D wasn’t a sharp as I expected.   At the beginning of the screening we learned that the version being screened wasn’t the final cut. I have to admit the web experience isn’t better. I was hoping for better quality video and larger screen resolutions for both the 2D and 3D videos hosted on the Fashion Television website. Hopefully at some point they can offer better quality video, perhaps even HD. I enjoyed the film rough edges and all, but I was a huge fan of Street Fighter and other fighting games of that type when I was more of a gamer.

NADA Fall Winter 2010 - 2011 Future Fashion/Fashion Future in 3D

There wasn’t any clothing at the screening except for the outfits that Nada and her fembot Madison were wearing. Nada mentioned the pants she was wearing were python. The NADA fall winter 2010 – 2011 collection features exotic fabrics like metallicized python, stretch reptilian embossed leather pairs with snake infused patterned chiffon, durable lurex infused velvets and parachute fabrications. I did receive a lookbook of the full collection which features a colour palette of black, blue, read, grey and white. There are a few prints to shake it up. The collection features a lot of shoulder details and bodycon silhouettes.

You can see the 2D NADA Fall Winter 2010 – 2011 collection on the FashionTelevision Presents NADA Fall 2010: Future Fashion/Fashion Future website. You can view the 3D version of the NADA Fall Winter 2010 -2011 collection on the website where you can also learn more about the production and the people involved.


Fritz Helder & The Phantoms and Fashion Cares Presents: Platinum

Fritz Helder & The Phantoms and Fashion Cares Presents: Platinum

Fritz Helder & The Phantoms and Fashion Cares Presents: Platinum. Fritz Helder & The Phantoms are creating a fashion frenzy with PLATINUM – a special project to help raise funds for ACT (AIDS Committee of Toronto).

Combining their loves of music, art and fashion, FH&TP have teamed up with Fashion Cares, ACT and 10 very talented designers to create special edition Fritz Helder & The Phantoms concert merchandise to be auctioned off on May 22, 2009 at “Platinum (LIVE)” in Toronto to celebrate the release of their upcoming album, “Greatest Hits: Platinum Edition” on newly formed label, NELSTAR Music. Proceeds from the sales of the limited edition designs will go to Fashion Cares / ACT!

Check out the designs from Greta Constantine, Jeremy Laing, Nada, Oligarchy, Pink Cobra, Evan Biddell, Label, Franke for Chasse Gardée, Jaime Galindo and HOI BO. All modeled by Fritz Helder & The Phantoms.

It’s a way to show off the great work of Fashion Cares/ACT as well as their on-going relationship with the fashion and music communities.

Pink Cobra

The photos are so great, but I think the Pink Cobra one is my favourite.
I love this picture of Fritz and Nada.
Jeremy Laing

Jeremy's shirts are pretty neat. The patterns are tiny crystals, ironed on by hand with meticulous care. They are very cool shirts.
Greta Constantine
Everyone looks so happy in this photo, I love it. I'm also a sucker for skipping shots, it's like I'm a kid again.
Franke for Chasse Gardée
Franke for Chasse Gardée
The Team
This is the creative team that put the shoot together.

These one of a kind pieces are available for purchase, please contact

See the complete lookbook shots in the slideshow, I’ve only posted my favourites.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these limited designs please contact

images: Photos by Justin Borbely courtesy of Fritz Helder & The Phantoms