i want: NAA P-51 Flight Kit Bag by Red Canoe

NAA P-51 Flight Kit Bag

I love this NAA P-51 Flight Kit Bag from the newly released Boeing x Red Canoe collection.

Red Canoe is the first licensed collaborator to gain access to all of Boeing’s historic and acquired marks, including the archival logos of Boeing, North American Aviation (NAA), Douglas Aircraft Co., The Boeing Stearman and many more. The truly one-of-a-kind collaboration celebrates aviation icons, says Red Canoe Founder Dax Wilkinson.
“The Boeing team was highly impressed by the design, quality and authenticity of our merchandise – the partnership was a natural fit. We were so excited to visit the archives and uncover amazing imagery – from flight manuals to old pins, flags to flight suits – and breathe new life into these symbols.”

Jim Newcomb, Director, Brand Management & Advertising at The Boeing Company says Red Canoe’s Boeing Heritage line has the potential to capture the hearts of an entirely new generation of aviation and fashion enthusiasts: “This line honors the achievements of the hundreds of thousands of men and women who worked for Boeing, North American and Douglas, and who made the game-changing aircraft of their day. All of these companies are part of Boeing now, and they help to make us who we are, so we are proud to see them presented in a way that is authentic, durable and beautiful.”

The collection is 15 pieces including bags, caps, jackets and shirts. It’s available online at redcanoebrands.com and BoeingStore.com. The Boeing Stores in the US will carry the line from September 27, 2010.

Red Canoe Brands Showroom

Red Canoe Brands Showroom

Red Canoe Brands now has a brick and mortar store in the West end of Toronto. I’ve been a fan of Red Canoe ever since I stumbled on their website many years ago. I really enjoy the aviation and outdoor influence in the line. It’s been great watching them grow from a purely online endeavor to products sold in The Drake General Store to a flagship store in Whistler and now their own showroom in Toronto.

Red Canoe Brands Showroom

Red Canoe draws on these ideals to create unique quality apparel. Tough, comfortable outdoor clothing built to be worn. Dedicated to the promotion of historic and cultural icons, it is classic clothing that, like the symbols it honours, will stand the test of time.

President and Founder Dax Wilkinson came by his adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors honestly. Growing up in Northern Ontario, his time was spent flying in the legendary DeHavilland Beaver into remote hunting and fishing camps. Aird Island, his family retreat on the North Channel of Georgian Bay, has been his source of inspiration since 1973(source).

Red Canoe Brands Showroom

I got to meet Dax Wilkinson briefly at the showroom launch party. We chatted about the business and I congratulated him on the opening. It’s really a beautiful showroom and the Red Canoe aesthetic permeates it. You can see photos of the attendees of the launch including me in the post called Party People! on Red Canoe Brands Blog. I also got a good look at the Canadian Summer Flying Jacket, which is a replica of the classic RCAF and Canadian Armed Forces version.  It’s a want of mine. They didn’t have a small kicking around so I could see the fit.

Public Showroom hours are Thursday / Friday 9 – 5 and weekend by appointment only

Red Canoe Brands Showroom
1356 Dundas Street West