i want: Vintage Kimonos from Shrimpton Couture

Shrimpton Couture has some lovely vintage Kimonos from the 1920s and 1930s up on the site now. Cheri helped a long time Kimono owner downsize the collection and some of those pieces are for sale. These two are my favourites.

1930s Deer & Rooster Silk Under Kimono is an absolute gem.  I love the clash of organic and geometric images.  The cute factor is always appreciated and I love the animals.

The 1920s Rare Hand Blocked Rayon Kimono reminds me of summer.  The colours really pop out from the white background.

images:  shrimptoncouture.com

i want: Luxury Vintage from Shrimpton Couture

Through twitter I discovered a locally based online vintage store called Shrimpton Couture. They focus on luxury items and but there are many beautiful dresses and accessories that start at $125. In addition to vintage pieces Shrimpton Couture sells reworked vintage and one of a kind jewellery. Expedited shipping is free in Canada! Shrimpton Couture also writes a vintage column for Herald de Paris.

Here are some of my i wants from Shrimpton Couture, seriously drool worthy stuff.

Restored Couture Flapper - Shrimpton Couture

The one I covet most is the Restored Couture Flapper.

This is a truly stunning couture level 1920s dress that has been fully restored. All the seams and beading have been re-inforced and the collar has been refinished with a silver silk satin ribbon edging. The main body of the dress is the original fabric but each panel was meticulously replaced and the fabric matched exactly.

2006 Alexander McQueen Dress - Shrimpton Couture

2006 McQueen Dress – need I say more. Check out the embroidery on the back of the dress.

1950s Lace Illusion Dress - Shrimpton Couture

1950s Lace Illusion Dress – I love 50s style skirts. I’m currently obsessed with getting myself a crinoline and New Looking myself.

Jet Neck Collar - Shrimpton Couture

Jet Neck Collar – The jewellery on the site is quite fantastic, this is one of my favourite pieces.

Coral Fringe Cuff - Shrimpton Couture

Coral Fringe Cuff – There are a few cuffs on the site and they are so much fun.