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Tô Long-nam Spring Summer 2011

Tô Long-nam is still keeping me up to date with his collections.  I’m hoping to hear some news about fall winter 2011 soon.  Spring Summer 2011 is heavily influenced by the butterfly. As the butterfly shape corresponds with a X-structure it represents – as the ying and the yang – the two sides of the same coin. On one side the butterfly – with its soft body of curved lines, beautiful but fragile and precious through its colors – literally embodies all aspects of eternal beauty and femininity. And on the other side the X-structure which represents the masculine pole – rational, cold, straight but at the same time strong and protective. Two elements which complement each other, and which perfectly reflect all the characteristics of the TÔ LONG-NAM aesthetics. It combines the mixture of traditional masculine and feminine elements to create strength with its lines and soft harmony in its composition. images: courtesy of TÔ Long-Nam

Tô Long-nam Spring 2010

Tô Long-nam Spring 2010

Tô Long-nam is no stranger to I want – I got. I posted about the TÔ Long-Nam Fall 2009 – 2010 Lookbook after I received a great email from him. I also wanted one of his Fall 2009 Jackets. I received another email from Long-nam keeping me in the loop with Spring 2010. I learned about White told me about his involvement with the WHITE and VOGUE introduce project which aims to help emerging designer from across the world. Check out the video, Long-nam’s part starts at 3:13. The collection for spring/summer 2010 is visually a development of the fall/winter 2009 collection. It picks up all the ideas of the previous work such as the pleating in the back, the inset details and the paneled structures of the garments, but translates all this with a much softer approach. In general, the shape for SS 2010 will continue with the slim straight silhouette of the past, but there is a new element which breaks the shape and gives it a new fresh breath. The loose volume …

TÔ Long-Nam Fall 2009 – 2010 Lookbook

I received an email from designer, TÔ Long-Nam. Of all the information I’ve received from designers over the years here, this was the best crafted email I’ve read. I appreciated the attention the detail and biographical information immensely. He was born in Viêtnam, grew up in Munich and went to school at the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin-Weissensee in Fashion-Design. Long-Nam worked with famous stylists Victoria Bartett and Patti Wilson. His forey into fashion design started as a design assistant for Lanvin menswear. Positive encouragement after participating in the 21st International Fashion Competition prompted him to start his own line. He has also collaborated with designer Alessandra Facchinetti while she was at Valentino. While working on the Spring 2010 collection he is working for Superfine London, a denim company I’m very fond of. All this information was great, but I would have been sold at the photos. Long-Nam says this about his Fall 2009 – 2010 collection: Force has always been a keyword in the design principles of TÔ Long-Nam. For Fall/Winter 2009 the collection …