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VAWK x Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

VAWK x Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

The Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto is celebrating it’s first anniversary. Together with Sunny Fong of VAWK they unveiled new Lobby Lounge attire for the female staff that he designed. “I wanted the design to truly reflect a hybrid of my brand and what I feel Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto represents. I was inspired by the art work in the lobby, the Ming vase tea library and the ornithological theme that is prevalent in the hotel and the Zhang Huan ‘Rising’ sculpture,” said Fong of his inspiration. “When I met with Richard Cooke, we wanted something that seemed almost theatrical, so naturally I knew the silhouette had to be both sophisticated and sexy. I felt my desire to custom create a bold graphic print inspired by the Ming vase would absolutely make a dramatic statement.”(source:Press Release) The design is inspired by architecture and design of Asia. The dress is a take on the tradition gipao. The print reminds me of blue and white porcelain that began development in 14th century China. I really like the design of …

Vawk for eBay – August 12 – September 15, 2013

Sunny Fong of VAWK has teamed up with eBay Canada to launch a seven piece limited edition collection called Vawk for eBay on August 12, 2013. Everything will be priced under $120 and will be available at Buy It Now pricing until September 15, 2013. I got the scoop on inventory and it’s really limited, if you have some favourites you need to purchase on August 12th. An added bonus is that eBay is providing free shipping. The Manta shift dress at $119 is a steal and my favourite piece of the collection. There is something for the guys too with the Duo leather skinny tie at $69. images: courtesy of eBay Canada

Bijouxbead Holiday 2009 Interactive Pop Up Show Community Reception

I attended the Bijouxbead Holiday 2009 Interactive Pop Up Show Community Reception to get a look at the collection of necklaces influenced by Canadian Designers David Dixon The show will kick off with a unique interactive display of eight one of a kind necklaces, all of which happen to be eight stranded, designed to pay homage to eight Canadian Fashion Designers. Evan Biddell Paul Hardy Each piece was a thrill to design; I studied these designer’s spring summer 2010 collections at great length, that were shown at Toronto’s LG Fashion Week. I came up with colour, texture and scale for these pieces based on my interpretation of the clothing in their collections that were most notable to me. Vawk Unlike my previous collections, this collection is exclusively glass, crystal and sterling -a big departure for me. All together, I incorporated over thirteen thousand six hundred pieces of glass and two thousand four hundred pieces of crystal into these eight necklaces. Also, for the first time in Bijouxbead history, I will be introducing crystal and sterling …

TEFW – Vawk Spring 2010

I was very excited to see the Vawk Spring 2010 show for LG Fashion Week. It was the only offsite show part of the program and it was held in AGO. I wasn’t in the glass-and-wood façade area of the building. That would have been a logistical nightmare but oh so fun. There was an open call for fan to show up for first come first serve seats. There was a pretty big line in front of the building and I was really glad for that Media/VIP entrance. It’s a life saver. Leading up to the show, Sunny posted a series of preview videos for the collection. If they were embeddable I would have posted them here. He also streamed the show live for viewers that couldn’t attend the open call. Reading the Vawk line sheet revealed a show full of luxurious fabrics: sand leather, silk cotton, crepe de chine, silk organza and silk chiffon. Sunny Fong was influenced by French Polynesia. This was seen with the bright red and orange colour palette which contrasted …