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Montreal 2008 – Yves Saint Laurent Love

There was no photography at the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit so I never felt that compelled to blog about it immediately. I did purchase something hilarious though, a YSL paper doll book called Yves St. Laurent Fashion Reviewby Tom Tierney (I just discovered some of his other books, OMG!!!!!). I really regret not buying 2 copies, just so I could cut up one. images: scans by me and

RIP Yves Saint Laurent

Sunday, Yves Saint Laurent passed. PARIS (AFP) รขโ‚ฌโ€ Yves Saint Laurent, who died Sunday aged 71, was one of a handful of designers who dominated 20th century fashion, on a par with Christian Dior, Coco Chanel and Paul Poiret. The reclusive French maestro, who had retired from haute couture in 2002 after four decades at the top of his trade, had been ill for some time. During his farewell appearance seven years ago, Saint Laurent had told reporters he had “always given the highest importance of all to respect for this craft, which is not exactly an art, but which needs an artist to exist.” Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent was born in the coastal town of Oran, Algeria, on August 1, 1936, at a time when the North African country was still considered part of France. A shy, lonely, child, he became fascinated by clothes, and already had a solid portfolio of sketches when he first arrived in Paris in 1953, aged 17. Vogue editor Michel de Brunoff, who was to become a …

Carnivale of Couture: Dream Bags by Pursed Lips

Pursed Lips’ Carnivale of Couture: Dream Bags This is a fun Carnivale of Couture about handbags. Designer Ella asks 2 questions. 1. If you were to only have the allowance for one Big Name designer IT Bag, what would it be? (This is a dream to many with the allowance for none!) Choosing one bag is so hard. I really love the Fendi Spy bag. ($2,100.00) But I really like the Chloe Paddington too. This one in lizard is very interesting. ($7,200.00)