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I want – I got’s Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2014 Picks

I want - I got's Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2014 Picks

Toronto Design Offsite Festival - January 20 – 26, 2014

In Toronto the third week in January is all about design. Some really cool people I know help make the Toronto Design Offsite Festival a reality.

The Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO) is a not-for-profit, independent design festival happening annually at the end of January. TO DO’s aim is to provide exposure for local and national designers; to foster public understanding and knowledge of the practice of design; and to create an ongoing presence that promotes Canada’s creativity, drawing on great thinkers, practitioners, and educators to a deliver an innovative celebration of art and design.

The TO DO Festival runs from January 20 – 26, 2014. Here are some I want – I got approved options if you are looking to check it out.

A Film: Eames: The Architect and The Painter
Tue, Jan 21, 2014
Herman Miller Canada Showroom | Film
Narrated by James Franco, the film brings to light a virgin cache of archival material, visually stunning films, photographs and artifacts produced by Charles and Ray Eames with their talented staff during the hypercreative forty-year epoch of the Eames Office.

Mon, Jan 20, 2014 – Sun, Feb 16, 2014
ARTiculations | Exhibition
Out of matte white paper, Christine Kim has constructed light geometrical structures assembled together like cumulus clouds. For this installation, she explores the relationship between light and shadow through the cut, the fold, and the curve of paper.

Thu, Jan 23, 2014 – Sun, Jan 26, 2014
Gladstone Hotel Art Bar | Exhibition
The fourth annual CAPACITY is a contemporary design show featuring new, theme-specific work by Canadian women designers. This year our participants draw inspiration from the work and/or life of design pioneer Ray Eames as a starting point for their Capacity 2014 projects.

Code Switch
Mon, Jan 20, 2014 – Sun, Jan 26, 2014
Delight Chocolate | Window Installation
This two-part installation turns the margins of everyday architecture on its side, quite literally, by illuminating the essential elements of our built environment. Make your own connections by controlling the installed lighting display with the touch of a brick wall.

Come Up To My Room
Thu, Jan 23, 2014 – Sun, Jan 26, 2014
Gladstone Hotel | Exhibition
Come Up To My Room is the Gladstone Hotel’s annual alternative design event with 25 installations and 4000 visitors, all in under 4 days. The 60 artists and designers are limited only by their imaginations, making it one of the most exciting shows in Toronto.

Crease Patterns
Mon, Jan 20, 2014 – Thu, Feb 20, 2014
Cornerstone Home Interiors | Window Installation
Totem Rug Design and Lori Harrison collaborate on an installation of rugs and textiles inspired by origami. Their window installation titled ‘Crease Patterns’ will connect the ephemeral world of paper folding with the timeless art of textile design.

Do Design
Thu, Jan 23, 2014 – Sun, Jan 26, 2014
Various venues on Dundas Street West between Bathurst and Grace Streets | Exhibition
Do Design celebrates contemporary design in diverse settings of a vibrant neighbourhood. Over 20 individual works plus two exhibitions are showcased in local venues including design stores, cafes, bars, salons and boutiques along Dundas Street West (Bathurst to Grace Streets).

Letterpress Workshop
Wed, Jan 22, 2014
Graven Feather | Workshop | Collaboration
This workshop is a brief introduction to the use of letterpress to make simple and beautiful cards. It’s the perfect opportunity to come and experiment on the presses using old-fashion metal type and vintage designs.

Oasis Skateboard Factory Pop Up Shop
Fri, Jan 24, 2014 – Fri, Jan 31, 2014
The Baitshop | Exhibition
Oasis Skateboard Factory, the only street art and skateboard design high school in the world, presents their end-of-semester pop-up shop. The exhibit will showcase handcrafted, student built and designed skateboards.

Sat, Jan 18, 2014 – Sun, Jan 26, 2014
Graven Feather | Exhibition
Process becomes pattern in this installation by textile designers Lysanne Latulippe and Meghan Price of STRING THEORY. Here a collection of scarves is presented within walls that describe their making.

Sweetness of the Work – Spinning Jenny
Wed, Jan 15, 2014 – Sat, Mar 01, 2014
Gerhard Supply | Window Installation
A glittering, salt encrusted Singer sewing machine and handmade bobbins of salted hand spun linen paper, plus additional salted tools of the ‘trade’ and embroidered works – Sweetness of the Work pays homage to the art and history of sewing, revering the virtuosity of hand work interpreted through a modern lens.

TO DO Opening Party at SMASH
Wed, Jan 22, 2014 – Thu, Jan 23, 2014
SMASH | Design Party
Come and find out what the festival is about, meet local designers, experience amazing salvage furniture and curiosities at SMASH, and dance with the amazing community that makes the Festival happen.

TO DO Closing Party with Love Design
Sat, Jan 25, 2014 – Sun, Jan 26, 2014
Gladstone Hotel | Design Party
After an amazing Festival week, there is no better way to close it than with another party. Join us at the free Love Design Party, where we celebrate the 11th year of the Gladstone Hotel’s iconic show Come Up To My Room.

This is just a small selection of events happening during the TO DO Festival. Be sure to check out the Toronto Design Offsite Festival website for full festival details.

Follow the TO DO Festival
Instagram – http://instagram.com/todesignoffsite
Twitter – http://twitter.com/TODesignOffsite and the hashtag #todo14
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/TorontoDesignOffsiteFestival

geekiviews: Sodastream



Believe the hype. The Sodastream is an amazing kitchen appliance. The Sodastream system allows you to carbonate plain old tap water at home. Pair this carbonated water with many of the different flavours of sodamix and you have an alternative to buying pre-packaged bottled and cans. Most Sodastream systems carbonates tap water without electricity or batteries. It uses an exchangeable CO2 carbonator that can be refilled with beverage-grade CO2 drawn from the air. The company also makes flavoured syrups so you can make your own drinks like cola, root beer and even tonic. The flavours have less calories and carbs than traditional sode and the major bonus of no awful aspartame and high-fructose corn syrup.



Weeks before I got my hands on a Sodastream system I heard nothing but praise. “It’s a game changer” is something I’ve heard from more than one person when describing the Sodastream. These incredible endorsements from people I trust peaked my interest, perhaps I should invest in a Sodastream. I love pop and my local convenience store can attest to this. The idea of creating my own pop while reducing my use of bottles of cans is something anyone can get behind. Apparently one reusable SodaStream bottle can replace 2,000 bottles and cans according to the marketing team from Sodastream.



I was lucky enough to be invited to the Kraft/Sodastream event that happened in May. Kraft being the smart company they are created flavours of their signature products like Kool-Aid that people can use with their Sodastream device. I raided the candy bar and received a Sodastream Source device which included the soda maker, carbonating bottle, carbonator and 6 pack sodamix taste sample. It retails for $149.99. Sodastream devices run from $99 to $279.

The Sodastream is super easy to use and I found myself making soda daily. My only complaint about the device is that it can be loud. I get nervous using it late at night but my neighbours haven’t complained yet. The carbonator lasted me about a month and a half and I was using the Sodastream about 5 times a week. I was wondering if finding new carbonator would be a huge pain in the ass but the Walmart in Dufferin Mall is an authorized Sodastream carbonator exchange centre. So thankfully it was close but I when I went to exchange my carbonator I learned that they had just gotten new stock in after a few weeks of being empty. The sales associate mentioned backorder delays with the company make it tough for a little bit. I decided right there to buy myself an extra carbonator. A refill costs about $21 and a brand new carbonator will set you back about $40.

I’m a believer in the Sodastream although I’m not the biggest fan of the syrups I have tried. I plan on getting some Italian Soda syrup to try out with it. I have a big soda habit and the Sodastream has done an amazing job with saving me money and steering me to healthier soda choices. It’s help me to consume more water too as I love having a sparkling water option right at hand.

images: me, courtesy of Sodastream

Hermès Spring Summer 2013 – Long Live Sport

Hermès does an incredible job with their product videos. They are extremely well done and hit that sweet spot of cute and whimsical that wins me over every time. The Sporting Life is the theme of the 2013 for Hermès and this set of four videos does a terrific job of conveying the theme. Each video takes items from the spring summer 2013 and incorporates them into sporty vignettes.

Ping Pong features the Toolbox bag and the Rallye 24 Porcelain Collection.

Hermès Spring Summer 2013 - The Sporting Life

Hermès Spring Summer 2013 – The Sporting Life

Rallye 24 Porcelain Collection: The new Hermès porcelain collection designed by Benoît-Pierre Emery and Damian O’Sullivan will be available in Canadian boutiques in May 2013. Rallye 24 has the emblematic anchor chain caught up in and propelled along by a new story on porcelain. It is playfully reworked as a car race track with its straight lines and oval corners, all short-circuiting with their foot to the floor.(source: Hermès PR)

Hermès Spring Summer 2013 - The Sporting Life

Hermès Spring Summer 2013 – The Sporting Life

Toolbox bag: A slight family resemblance… A cousin of the Kelly, with a vanity-case touch, this bag unites the Hermès spirit and the practicality of a surprisingly roomy “treasure chest”. Its swivel clasp, metal plate, snap hooks, lock and clo­chette give it an urban and casual look. Made of soft and supple Swift calfskin, it can be carried by hand or on the shoulder thanks to its removable strap.(source: Hermès PR)

Leap Frog features the Grass Shoe.

Grass Shoe: With its two-tone contrasts and pairing of precious materials, smooth alligator and nubuck, this high sandal adds a touch of sports chic to the spirit of golf.(source: Hermès PR)

Hermès Spring Summer 2013 - The Sporting Life

Hermès Spring Summer 2013 – The Sporting Life

Croquet features their world famous ties and scarves.

Pétanque/No Sport shows off some Hermès cushions.

images: courtesy of Hermès

Come Up To My Room – 10 Year Archive Project

Come Up To My Room - 10 Year Archive Project

Come Up To My Room – 10 Year Archive Project

Come Up To My Room, The Alternative Design Show starts this week. I’ve always really liked the event and covered it extensively for blogTO in 2007 and 2008.

Come Up To My Room (CUTMR) is the Gladstone Hotel’s annual alternative design event. CUTMR invites artists and designers to show us what goes on inside their heads. Coming together in dialogue and collaboration, participants are limited only by their imaginations, making CUTMR one of the most exciting shows in Toronto.

As this is an important anniversary for this ever-expanding show, the tenth installment will emphasize the idea that formed the basis for the very first CUTMR – occupying and altering a space in a dramatic, conceptual, or experimental way.

So, CUTMR is 10 years old and now you can view all of the past events thanks to the Come Up To My Room 10 Year Archive Project. Attend the event at The Gladstone Hotel this week and see what you missed over the years online.

Annual Toronto Design Offsite Festival Auction: #StufDsgnrsMake – June 27, 2012

Annual Toronto Design Offsite Festival Auction: #StufDsgnrsMake – June 27, 2012

Annual Toronto Design Offsite Festival Auction: #StufDsgnrsMake - June 27, 2012

Drawn from the popular crowdsourcing/crowdfunding movement, Toronto Design Offsite (TO DO) is throwing a “designer” crowd-sourced fundraising event. #StufDsgnrsMake is the first annual silent auction benefitting Toronto Design Offsite (TO DO), a self-produced, indie design festival happening annually in January during the city’s design week. All money raised will go towards TO DO operating costs.

On Wednesday, June 27, 2012, awesome objects donated by notable Toronto designers will be on-view and auctioned at the Gladstone Hotel from 6-10pm, with music by DJ Joe Blow. Come join us at #StufDsgnrsMake, see what designers are making, and take home some local design!

Featuring the work of:
Gary Taxali
imm Living
Fugitive Glue
Bev Hisey Krystal Speck
Heidi Earnshaw
Rob Southcott
Katrina TomkinsKristen Lim Tung Alexx Boisjoli
Lana Filippone
Lauren Reed
Lori Harrison
Tyco Tat
Toma Design
About To Do:

TO DO’s aim is to provide exposure for Canadian designers; to foster public understanding and knowledge of the practice design; and to create an ongoing presence that promotes Canada’s creativity, drawing on great thinkers, practitioners, and educators to a deliver an innovative celebration of design.

6:00pm until 10:00pm

Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen Street West, Toronto

i got: Tubereuse Noir Baxter of California Candle

Tubereuse Noir Baxter of California Candle

My Barber at Hollow Ground Barber Shop introduced me to candles from Baxter of California.  Since 1965 Baxter of California have provided men with grooming products.  They have a range of skincare, shaving and hair care products.  In addition grooming accessories, candles and fragrances round out the product selection.  Baxter of California also collaborates with brands like Saturdays NYC, Porter and Unionmade.

These soy wax-based candles are geared towards men and are produced with the brand Joya.  I love the Tubereuse Noir scent which has fragrance notes of  Tuberose, Bergamot, White Tea Rose, Geranium and Camellia.  The packaging, designed by Marc Atlan is very cool.

You can get a wide selection of Baxter of California products (including the candles) at:
Hollow Ground Barber Shop
1053 Bloor St W.

image: baxterofcalifornia.com

I want – I got does Toronto Design Week: SUNG Outdoor Preview 2011

SUNG Outdoor Blogger Preview 2011

I attended some exhibits during Toronto Design Week from January 24-30, 2011. Toronto Design Week culminates with the Interior Design Show but many local designers showcase their exhibits at this time. It’s taken me some time to get my photos all together and organized. There is a lot of sorting, tagging, cataloging and purging of photos going on. It’s often a nightmare task I hate performing. It feels hella good when it’s done though.

SUNG Outdoor Blogger Preview 2011

SUNG Outdoor held a special media preview for bloggers during Toronto Design Week. Bloggers got a chance to see the currently SUNG Outdoor collection and the special IDS11 Blackwatch collection. The limited edition SUNG Outdoor Blackwatch collection is different due to the colour scheme of black, blue and green. It was only available for purchase at IDS11 this year. Designer Alfred Sung and Saul Mimran, President of the Mimran Group were on hand to talk.

SUNG Outdoor Blogger Preview 2011

SUNG Outdoor Blogger Preview 2011

SUNG Outdoor Blogger Preview 2011

SUNG Outdoor Blackwatch Collection

See all my photos from the SUNG Outdoor preview.