J’Adore Dior

The Dior Couture fashion show would have been fantastic to see in person.
Dior Couture '06
Pure spectacle fashion, love it!!!!

The Grumpy Owl had some classic quotes as he viewed the show.

One would think that Dior had robbed Satan’s closet to procure the clothing in his most recent celebration of cocaine, bitchery and pure decadence.

Final Fashion and coolchiq also share their views.

In other news…
I got a shout out on FAD. laughing smiley That made me happy because Lera’s blog is the shit. Yes, I’m kinda nerdy.

Edit: There is a great conversation about the Dior couture show on Final Fashion. I personally ignored whatever The Pirate had to say about the collection and just enjoyed the clothes. I guess I just can’t take anything that he says seriously. He does bring a smile to my face, especially when it involves commentary from The Manolo.

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