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This is the a cool idea, so I’ve adopted it from Danielle, who adopted it from Style Bubble.

I’m really interested in what other people’s wardrobe mechanics consists of so, if you have a little time to do some quick picture searching on Google, please do send me your cogs of style and I will post them up (they will look oh so cool next to each other!). Just to give you a few tips, I don’t mean things that inspire you or things that you want. What I mean are things that you can’t live without on a daily basis in your wardrobe, the things you use to glue everything together OR things that you consider trademarks of your style.

My style cog is about generalities. I usually have many versions of any one cogs. I won’t get into specifics, there are too many and I have no time. I’ll use existing posts to highlight my choices. Saves me from taking pictures. 😀

1. Sneakers – Adidas and Diesel are my favourites right now. I live in sneaks. Ya, I got heels and stuff and they are fun, but my heart is in the sneaker.
Adidas Gerd Muller

2. Tank Tops – I have almost all the colours of the rainbow. Complete staple of my wardrobe.
Tank Top

3. Hoodies – Love, love, love the hoodie, in all shapes and sizes. It’s my clothing comfort food.

4. Denim – Pant of choice, easily. I’m really in love with my new Diesels right now(they are not pictured).
Paper Denim

5. The Printed tshirt – Threadless. That’s all you need to know.
Communist Party by Threadless

6. Sunglasses – I need to hid from you. Leave me alone. 🙂
Prada Shades

7. My workout gear – I did a lot of sports during my youth. A lot. I was the freak jock, into sports but not a Jock. So I’ve pretty much spent most of my life in gym gear. I play squash nowadays at my gym. I don’t have that aversion to spandex that most people have. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful bodies running and sweating in that stuff. Sigh. That’s why I fawn over Stella’s Adidas stuff, it’s style and function.
Stella tights

8. Military, inspired and authentic – My favourite style of clothing overall. I not sure what it is with the military fetish. I sure don’t want to join the army, I just love the clothes.
Mackage Coat
Yes, I did get that Mackage coat called Anita in black.

Not a heel and dress in site on the list, strange huh. Surprising maybe to some of you. Not that I don’t love those things. This is about the foundation of my style.

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. Nice cogs. It’s funny, but I’ve NEVER been a sneaker girl, haven’t worn a pair since I was 15 or so when I became a boot girl. Those ones look pretty fly and comfy.

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  3. Hi! I got here via Danielle’s blog.

    LOVE the sneakers. I just tossed my disgusting old runners and am searching for something that’s not boring (UGH!) and have a bit of a nostalgia thing for adidas. Sneakers wouldn’t ordinarily be a big part of my style except that I walk three miles at noon everyday and don’t want to have to change my shoes.

    Great cog post!

  4. I love those sneakers…are they addidas? They are so cool.
    My cogs – pumps (high and mid heels), trousers (as separates and suits) white tee-shirts (I must have about 15, they go with everything)jeans (I live in them when not at work and have at least six pairs),white shirts (ditto tee shirts).

  5. Yup those shoes are adidas. You can find a lot of cute classic styles. I should do a post about good places in TO for classic sneaks.

  6. Heels, heels and more heels. Sure, I own sneakers and flats, but I am a high-heel girl.
    Skirts. I love summer because it lets me wear all my skirts. I love pants too, but skirts a bit more.
    Earrings. That’s my jewelry staple.

  7. You can’t go wrong with adidas sneakers, they are classic in every color and so hip you can wear them with just about everything, which not every brand of sneakers could achive!

  8. Cathy, You hit the nail on the head there. Time and time again Adidas produces the best sneaks out there. They may go and do all the futuristic shoe stuff, but they know that people love their classics. Adidas is very good at working both sides of sneakers. There’s the performance side. In high school I learned very quickly that Nikes are not for athletes, they are for people to kick around in. I switched to Adidas and never looked back. They know what type of shoe is for kicking around in and what ones are for performance. They don’t mix the two.

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