i want: An Alexander Wang Leather Jacket with Removable Canvas Skirt

An Alexander Wang Leather Jacket with Removable Canvas Skirt

I saw this Alexander Wang Leather Jacket with Removable Canvas Skirt in Holt Renfrew earlier this week. I was all over it. It came in some different colour combinations too. This piece did nothing for me on the runway but in person it’s spectacular.

You can buy online at shopbop.com, net-a-porter.com

images: Shopbop.com

i want: Celine Spring Summer 2010 Army Jacket

Celine Spring Summer 2010 Army Jacket

I was doing my regular rounds of Holt Renfrew Bloor Street with The Oracle a few weekends ago. We ran into Tommy Ton of JakandJil. I hadn’t seen Tommy since he started on his adventures during Men’s and Women’s fashion weeks so it was really good to catch up for a bit. I say this to everyone but Tommy is such a sweetheart.

The highlight of our catching up was me playing model in Celine for Tommy. I know, it’s pretty lame but simple pleasure right. I’ve always looked, touched and drooled over the Celine pieces in Holts but never dared to try anything on.   With Tommy Ton present I had the perfect excuse. He had me try on two army jackets and I’m posting about the one I really, really love. The jacket is “the sex”. There is something about well made designer goods that just feel like a dream on. If I had to cash to drop on this jacket, I probably would do it in a heartbeat, look at the back of it!!!!

photos: Tommy Ton for style.com

It seems Tommy is a little obsessed with the jacket as he snapped it a couple of times in his style.com post called JakAndJil’s Tommy Ton Calls Out His Favorite Off-Catwalk Trends. I honestly can’t blame him.

images: eastnews.ru, style.com

i got: Soviet Air Force Cap

Regular readers will know of my military love. I’ve added this awesome Soviet Air Force cap to my collection. You will see me with this on the streets with this hat, I love it.

Soviet Air Force cap

On side is full of these great soviet era pins and the other has 3 patches.

Soviet Air Force cap

Soviet Air Force cap

I got this from Save More Sport Store at Queen and Jarvis, which is one of the best army surplus places for hats. I got my amazing East German ushanka from them and I’ve been thanking them ever winter afterwards.

Save More Sport Store Ltd
114 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario
info at savemoresportstore dot ca

i want: Passenger Pigeon clothing

Passenger Pigeon, the affair continues…
I have a coat fetish, big time. I have a double closet dedicated to them. Most of them are vintage, a few are military. There is also my prized possession, Anita. The Bell coat (pictured above) is made from a woolen army blanket.

This summer I loved the wrap dress and this fall is no different. I love the Jersey wrap dress made from cotton and bamboo. Instead of birds this one has tree stumps.

However another dress has added itself to the mix, the Herringbone Mod Dress. This one is made with bamboo, linen and lined with 100% silk, nice! The tree motive is a big trend with the fall 2006 collection.

Style Cog

This is the a cool idea, so I’ve adopted it from Danielle, who adopted it from Style Bubble.

I’m really interested in what other people’s wardrobe mechanics consists of so, if you have a little time to do some quick picture searching on Google, please do send me your cogs of style and I will post them up (they will look oh so cool next to each other!). Just to give you a few tips, I don’t mean things that inspire you or things that you want. What I mean are things that you can’t live without on a daily basis in your wardrobe, the things you use to glue everything together OR things that you consider trademarks of your style.

My style cog is about generalities. I usually have many versions of any one cogs. I won’t get into specifics, there are too many and I have no time. I’ll use existing posts to highlight my choices. Saves me from taking pictures. 😀

1. Sneakers – Adidas and Diesel are my favourites right now. I live in sneaks. Ya, I got heels and stuff and they are fun, but my heart is in the sneaker.
Adidas Gerd Muller

Mackage I’m flattered

How nice of Mackage to name a coat after me. LOL.
Anita Coat by Mackage in brownAnita coat by Mackage
I saw this beautiful coat on the Browns website and fell in love. It was only when I went looking for good pictures did I find out that the coat is named Anita (geekigirl’s alter ego). And they know me so well, it’s military inspired. YES!!!!!

Mackage coats are available at a lot of places in TO, to many to list actually. If you go to their website and click stores, they will happily email you the list.

Pics from Revolve Clothing.

i got: Air Cadet Overcoat

I was walking by Black Market on Tuesday and spotted a beautiful grey wool coat on the racks outside. I can spot a military jacket from 10 paces and blindfolded. It was my lucky day, I discovered a stash of RCAF Air Cadet overcoats. They are also referred to as Greatcoats The jacket also includes RCAF gold buttons, sweet.
Price, you ready for this. 10 bucks. $11.50 with tax. SCORE!
The best thing about this coat is the fit. The were made for adolescent boys, which translates to correct sizing for an adult woman with a military fetish. Devil smiley It’s not easy to find authentic military gear for a size 4.

Air Cadets Overcoat
It’s a shame that this pictures make the coat so dark. The closest picture from the Internet I could find was this
Great Coat
Picture taken from eBay

If you are in the area you should take a look for yourself. There were about 10 more and in perfect condition. It’s just too bad it’s getting warm. Great find for next winter though.

256a Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1Z8
PHONE: 416-599-5858

i want: Medium Bags

Deployment Helmet Bag by Medium
Deployment Helmet Bag
Military Inspired. The design was drafted from a USAF pilot”s helmet bag. – check
Lots of pockets – check
Great colour – check
Lots of hardware – check

For a more professional bag, check out this leather laptop bag, Anders Tote
Anders Tote

The website doesn’t list any stores but there is a phone number for a Canadian distributor. They are available online.

EDIT: The Medium links are defunct for some reason right now

i want: Smythe Les Vests Coats

Many things by Smythe Les Vests

I was reading Fashion Notes in Now Magazine and they mentioned Smythe because of their recent popularity. I decided to see what the fuss was about. They have some beautiful jackets (and a vest) that I have been salivating over.

“Designer development
We love a great Toronto fashion success story, and Christie Smythe ‘s and Andrea Lenczner ‘s tale of global blazer domination has just turned another fantastic page. Their Smythe line of just jackets has been a hit with hometown fashion folks and the Barney’s blonds set in New York City. This spring, London ladies hunting for smart oxford cloth waistcoats and shrunken double-breasted sailor jackets can pick up their collection at UK style mecca Harvey Nichols. www.smythelesvestes.com

i got…

Montreal Madness part 1b

Everything but the shoes in this picture was purchased in Montreal. I initially saw the jacket in the window of Bedo and I had to have it. I really love military clothing (real or inspired) and that attracted me to the jacket. There was no desire to own anything velvet in me initially, something just clicked. My buddy Jason helped me put together the rest of the outfit and I thank him for it. The skirt is a Boxfresh product which was from a store I really liked called Aritmetiks. The stores are very nice, but the website really sucks. The software tester in me didn’t want to link to it, but I gave in. The tank top (which you can’t see in the above picture) was from Club Monaco.

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