Viktor & Rolf at H&M – girl on girl violence

I did not attend. I really though about it for a moment. I’m just not ready to beat people for H&M clothes. Real Viktor & Rolf clothes at H&M prices would warrant me getting into the girl stomping mood. I’d make sure to wear my best stomping boots. I was in H&M on Friday and a sale associate told me the collection sold out in 15 mins. He also mentioned that it was ugly. I did see few pairs of the tuxedo pants left. They didn’t seem any different in quality to any other H&M product.

I thought the collection was pretty nice overall and there was a few pieces I liked. The only thing I wasn’t jazzed about the hearts. I don’t think I’ll ever try to buy anything from an H&M collection, even if it was Alexander McQueen. It’s just too much trouble and I don’t care enough.

image: H&M

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